Yes it stinks that in the US we have to wait for Build a Rocket Boys from Elbow …

build a rocket boys!

But only sort of folks. It is true, the lucky blokes in Europe can already can get their hands on the physical copy of the fifth studio album Build a Rocket Boys! from Manchester, UK’s Elbow. However, do not fret my friends. US Elbow fans only need to wait one more day to have the opportunity to purchase the digital copy of Build a Rocket Boys.

It is ironic that the first digital copy of an album I ever purchased was The Seldom Seen Kid from Elbow, something I had to do because the pre-order I bought did not arrive at my home until after the release date. I am sure Build a Rocket Boys! will also be released in the United States on iTunes tomorrow, Tuesday March 8 as well. However, the Amazon link I provided lists the download for only $9.49. If you are a fanatic like I am and will get both the digital copy tomorrow and the physical CD copy on April 12 (the official US release date), it may make better sense to spend less money and purchase from The tunes will come in mp3 format rather than the BS form iTunes sends a song in, limiting how many times you can burn a song you purchased.

Be sure to visit Stinkweeds Records April 12 and pick up a copy of Build a Rocket Boys from Elbow! Support local record stores and the greatest band in the world at the same time. For the impatient (like me), here are a couple of tracks from the new album to tide you over until you have the entire amazing piece of work in your hands …


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build a rocket boys – The fifth album from Elbow is on the way!


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