How about a review of Build a Rocket Boys from Elbow?!

build a rocket boys!Does it make any sense that with all the posts I created about the fifth release from Elbow, build a rocket boys!, that I would barely be posting a review of the album nearly a month after the U.S. release date of April 12?

Yes, I agree, none. Let’s not waste time with the endless excuses, this album is too good and too important for me to worry about apologies. I downloaded this amazing piece of work from Amazon in March and still bought the physical copy in April from Stinkweeds. Overkill? No. A lack of patience. You better believe it.

Anyway, rather than copy and paste the whole review that I had the pleasure of writing here, I would rather send you to my favorite record store in town. So without further adieu, here is my review of build a rocket boys! from Elbow, courtesy of Stinkweeds Records.

And yes, I meant to use all lower-case letters for the album title folks. Jeez … Read the review my friends then go pick up this amazing slab of vinyl. I have been saying for a few years now that Elbow could overtake Echo and the Bunnymen depending on album #5. Mission accomplished!


Past Musings on build a rocket boys!


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