Concerts for the month of March 2011 in the Valley of the Sun

Sail Inn 3-4-2011Hello everybody,

Thanks to a few recent events I may be cutting back on my live show intake for a while. That doesn’t mean you should though, there are some great concerts this month! So let’s call this post “Tfronky’s Wish List of Artists to See in March” …

Obadiah ParkerWednesday March 2 – Obadiah ParkerCompound Grill. It bothers me that I have only been to the Compound Grill one time because it is one of the better venues in town. Great sound and a comfortable, almost coffeehouse type environment makes for a very cool place to mellow out and watch some good live music. Obadiah Parker is one of those artists that I have not seen, have not heard, but have read enough press about him to warrant checking him out in concert. I guess he did a cover of “Hey Ya” from Outkast a few years ago that was a big YouTube hit. A folk pop cover of a unique hip hop song … that should be cool to see live!

Friday March 4 – Kirkwood Dellinger, The Father Figures, Source Victoria, William Leadpistol and Indian School – Sail Inn. That’s a pretty jam-packed line-up of very cool locals. You know how I feel about The Father Figures and Source Victoria, finally they are playing on the same bill together! That alone is enough of a reason to go, but the Sail Inn landed three more great artists on the same night. What I really like about the line-up is it is all over the place. Some people do not like that, I love a diverse line-up so I can catch a variety of genres in one evening. The Bob has raved about Kirkwood Dellinger, William Leadpistol and Indian School (Scott Carson’s latest band) to me, so this is bound to be a good night.

2011 7th Avenue Street FairSaturday March 5 – 7th Avenue Melrose Street Fair – 7th Avenue Street Fair Stage. Unless you live under a rock (Bieber fans do)  you know the Melrose District between Camelback and Indian School on 7th Avenue is one of the coolest and most hip areas of town. This will be the 10th year of this street fair and once again some very cool live music will be part of the festivities along with the food and the arts and crafts. Here is the line-up:

Marquee Theatre 3-10-11Thursday March 10 – MotorheadMarquee Theatre. Metal may not be my first genre of choice, but Motorhead most definitely fits into that category of amazingness for me. Lemmy is a god, plain and simple, and the band’s longevity is amazing. I do not care what kind of music you listen to, “Ace of Spades” should be a required track on everyone’s iPod! This a great bargain show my friends, a mere $10!

Downtown Chamber Series at The Modified, March 11-13, 2011Friday March 11-Sunday March 13 – Downtown Chamber SeriesThe Modified. I keep telling myself I need to get one of these because I have heard and read nothing but amazing things about these concerts. This series is at The Modified, a venue I miss dearly for live music. Click the image to the left to get more information about this weekend on

Asobi Seksu at the Rhythm Room 3-13-2011Sunday March 13 – Asobi SeksuRhythm Room. I have seen this amazing band twice, once at The Modified and once right here at the Rhythm Room. The shoegaze that was so prevalent on the Citrus album and tour is nearly gone with a greater emphasis on dream pop now. I have not heard the new album yet, so that may very well have changed again. No matter, because as long as Asobi Seksu still showcases the beautiful vocals of Yuki Chikudate this is a great band. There are five great shows on this evening, this is the one I will be at.

Sunday March 13 – DeVotchKa – Marquee Theatre. Very interesting band, I highly recommend seeing them if you never have. They headlined night #1 of the 2008 Monolith Festival at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO, much to the delight of the crowd since the band is from Colorado. Any band that can deliver indie rock using an accordion and a tuba is cool in my book. 🙂

Sunday March 13 – The DodosThe Duce.

Sunday March 13 – StarfuckerTrunk Space.
Seriously, this many good shows in one night is a joke …

Thursday March 17 – Christopher O’RileyScottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Sir James Galway perform at the Mesa Arts Center. “The Man with the Golden Flute” was accompanied by Christopher O’Riley on the piano. O’Riley is fantastic and has endeared himself to music fans outside the realm of classical music with his interpretations of popular music, particularly the music of Radiohead.

Sail Inn 3-22-2011Tuesday March 22 – The Appleseed Cast and Knesset – Sail Inn. The Appleseed Cast has come a long way since their days on Deep Elm Records. Mare Vitalis, the band’s phenomenal second album, remains in heavy rotation on my iPod. I love their intense, deeply atmospheric style of music. They can sometime stray into a bit of musical masturbation, but the majority of their material is unbelievable. I last saw them at the Rhythm Room a couple of years ago just before Sagarmatha was released and they destroyed on that evening. Ironically, that show was the first and only time I have seen Knesset play and I am glad to finally have another chance! Evan Fox takes a few cues from The Appleseed Cast, creating some deeply atmospheric music of his own. This is going to be a killer show.

Marquee Theatre 3-23-11Wednesday March 23 – Girl Talk – Marquee Theatre. When I went to Coachella in 2009 all anyone talked about on Saturday was Girl Talk’s show in the Sahara Tent the night before. Now granted, no way was I missing Silversun Pickups, A Place to Bury Strangers and Paul McCartney to see a DJ, but I did make a point of picking up Feed the Animals when I got home from Coachella. I will never consider a DJ mixing tracks as someone who creates music, but it is a definite art form, especially when done well. I love the fact that Gregg Michael Gillis (his actual name) takes classic seventies, eighties and nineties tunes and mixes them with plenty of popular hip hop songs. I would never listen to 99.9% of the hip hop stuff on its own merit. I don’t dance, but who knows on this evening …

The Baseball ProjectFriday March 25 – The Baseball ProjectMartini Ranch. So let’s put aside any misconceptions about this band right away. Yes, the focus of the band’s music is about America’s Pastime, which IS the BEST sport in the world. Naysayers need to shut it up. Second, this is not a goofball project, these are serious and extremely talented musicians that are creating this music. The line-up includes Peter Buck of R.E.M., Scott McCaughey of The Young Fresh Fellows and The Minus 5, Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate and Linda Pitmon of Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3. That my friends is some serious legendary talent from the indie rock world.

Saturday March 26 – The Father Figures and The DamesHollywood Alley. If you miss The Father Figures on March 5, here is another chance to see them with a typically huge line-up at Hollywood Alley! The Dames headline an evening that includes Smoky Mountain Skullbusters, Casket Life and Wirefeeder.

A pretty good month of live music folks! Pick out a show or three to go to and do it. Also, don’t forget that the digital version of build a rocket boys! from Elbow comes out March 8 with the physical CD arriving a month later on April 12. I heard that the band purposely waited until April to release the physical disc in the United States since my birthday is just five days prior. Just saying …




  1. Dave Marsh · February 28, 2011

    Makes me wish I lived in Phoenix! It sounds like a heavily atmospheric month, which I am sure I would love. And TWO FF concerts in one month is great. I hope you don’t have to cut back TOO much on your concerts, Frank. There are definitely some must-goes in this lineup.

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