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Enjoy this little blog that will center around music. Age and a higher level of job responsibility have caused me to not go to as many shows as I used to but don't get me wrong - I still love the live music experience.

F is for Frightened Rabbit

Silver Platter 5-20-2016

Last show I saw of Frightened Rabbit and yes, just like my pick said it was my favorite concert that year.

I’m sure some of you were expecting this for the F post. Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit (and Owl John, and Mastersystem) inspired the “rebirth” of The Musings. He was an incredible musician but more important an amazing songwriter and lyricist. I wish I could write half as well as him and create even a fraction of an imprint the way he does. I NEVER get emotional about a celebrity death but when it was confirmed on May 11, 2018 that a body found in the Port Edgar region near South Queensferry was Hutchison’s I felt like many of his fans. I was devastated. Still am. Continue reading


Frightened Rabbit Recognition

Frightened Rabbit Recognition

Picture taken by Bianca Pericolo‎ in Berlin, Germany

I belong to a page on Facebook that is called “Frightened Rabbit Recognition”. The group was created in 2017 and has become a sort of group hug for everyone after what happened a month and half ago. Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit/Owl John/Mastersystem disappeared on May 9, 2018, and his body was found the following day on the banks of the Firth of Forth. Fans will understand why the location of his death is so relevant and important. Continue reading

E is for Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky
I have written about these guys before, most recently April 2016 when I was on my birthday party kick. I Just Saved Brooke Shields from Drowning so I Want Explosions in the Sky to Play my Birthday Party was a fun post to write because it gave me a chance to relive one of the best concerts of my life. If nothing else check out that post to see what the set list was for the evening. Continue reading

D is for Dif Juz

Dif JuzI already knew there would be bands I previously wrote about on this blog whom I would end up writing about again, but this truly is random. Back on November 12, 2012 I wrote a piece entitled The Tfronky Pick of the Week – Dif Juz. In this case rather than try to reinvent the wheel I am going to give you that same post because to be honest, it dictates perfectly what I would want to say nearly six years later. Continue reading

C is for The Church

The Church
The C pick is one I’m thinking most people who are actually reading this blog will recognize. However, many people in the United States tend to think of these guys as a one-hit wonder from the late eighties, an unfair assessment when you look at their body of work. The Church comes to us from Sydney, Australia and have existed in many forms since 1980. What makes this even more impressive is the band continues to release new material, rather than just play “greatest hits” shows year after year like so many bands do. They just released their 25th studio album Man Woman Life Death Infinity October 2017. Continue reading

B is for The Brother Kite

The Brother Kite
I can’t remember if The Bob included these guys on a mix CD for me or just told me I needed to buy something of theirs. Either way I fell in love with The Brother Kite from Providence, Rhode Island thanks to their monster 2004 self-titled album and the Swervedriver-like attack of the seventh song on the disc “The Blackout.” The band, pictured above during the Waiting For the Time to Be Right era in 2007 delivered well-crafted dream pop with a hint of shoegaze at times. The guitars shimmered brilliantly in those pop tunes. I caught on to them when Waiting For the Time to Be Right was released and as good as the debut was, that second disc took things next level. “Hold Me Down” made my “50 Songs That Make me Wish I was in a Band or Orchestra” post from 2015, deservedly so due to the spectacular pop hooks. The song still blows me away.

I lost track of them after the 2010 release Isolation so it was nice to listen to the debut for the first time in a while, a good reminder of what indie pop should sound like. Check them out!

The Brother Kite – “The Blackout”


A is for American Music Club

American Music Club
Hello again! I shut this down a year ago for good reason – no time! I would not exactly say I have free time now but I do have some new motivation. I allowed work and a lot of other things to happen in my life that kept me from doing things that I always loved. Music is the biggie if you know me at all, so in January I started going to shows again and have been lucky enough to see several great concerts this year. Music takes me to a place that nothing else can and I realized how much I have missed anything and everything related to the art form. Part of that for me is this blog. Continue reading