Elbow – Neat Little Rows

Pre-order "Neat Little Rows" from ElbowIf I was smart I would quit looking for tracks from the forthcoming 5th album from Elbow, build a rocket boys! However. let’s face it, I can’t wait!

The world premiere of “Neat Little Rows” was Thursday evening on BBC Radio One with Zane Lowe. ListenBeforeYouBuy uploaded the radio feed to SoundCloud.com for our benefit. The tune may be a bit of a change for the band, but I have to tell you, I think it is a phenomenal song. Guy Garvey’s vocals are as epic as ever, Richard Jupp’s drums delicately propel the track along, Mark Potter on guitar and Peter Turner crafted a hook that keeps you playing the song over and over, and Craig Potter plays the most wonderful piece on the piano during the chorus.

Coupled with “Lippy Kids“, there is plenty to be excited about with the album release less than two months away!

Check out SoundCloud for plenty of tracks from Elbow and many other great artists.

Jeez, this album is going to be ridiculous! Cheers!


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