I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want The Joy Formidable to play my birthday party

The Joy FormidableSo this is going to be a great Halloween weekend. First of all, Happy Birthday Miryam, see you at ThirdSpace later in the evening on October 29! I say later because to lead off the night I FINALLY get to see a fantastic band originally from North Wales and now based in London, England, The Joy Formidable. Rather than go into my typical thoughts about the band I would rather have you simply read this Musings from 4/3/2015, J is for The Joy Formidable. Everything is there especially some extra links that detail just how much I like this trio. (more…)

I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want The Doors to play my birthday party

The DoorsWhy not, this theme is all fantasy anyway?! The Doors had already released three albums before I was even born so the chance of ever seeing the band live was 100% nil. I will be honest, I had no use for this band growing up. Not punk enough, not new wave enough, too “hippie-ish”. Then I saw the movie “Apocalypse Now”. (more…)

I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want New Order (with Peter Hook on bass) to play my birthday party

New Order
Curious choice here for me. On disc I absolutely love this band! A girl I was great friends with by the name of Cheryl and I worked together at My Yogurt Place in Christown Mall our senior year in high school. We had a mutual love of this band and went to see them at Compton Terrace back in 1987 with Echo and the Bunnymen and Gene Loves Jezebel opening. Yes, kind of bad ass line-up.🙂 (more…)

I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want (old school) R.E.M. to play my birthday party

REMI would have to agree with an old Rolling Stone article – there was a time when R.E.M. was the greatest band in the world. I tried to not like them back in the eighties if that makes any sense because they weren’t punk rock and they weren’t new wave. What they were was something very unique at the time; a great rock and roll band that featured a jangle pop style on the guitar and vocals that were barely discernible half the time. This band was truly cool and delivered a type of alternative rock that would influence the music world for decades. Still does. It became cool to like a current band that had elements of Big Star, The Byrds and The Velvet Underground and I feel very fortunate that their music played a big role in my life during my high school and early college years. Yeah, their style changed after the Life’s Rich Pageant album but looking back it was never a case where R.E.M. “sold out.” Nope, the mainstream just wised up and flocked to the band instead which is exactly what should happen when a band possesses that kind of integrity and pays the dues that they did. (more…)

I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want Bob Mould to play my birthday party

Bob Mould at the First Avenue - Minneapolis - September 15, 2012 - 2

Bob Mould performing Copper Blue and Silver Age at the First Avenue – Minneapolis – September 15, 2012

Well, to be honest, the first thing I want is for Mould to play a show here in Arizona. Anywhere. I HATE Tucson but will travel south in a heartbeat to see this living legend and god live.

I never saw Husker Du in concert.😦 Therefore, the first time I saw Bob Mould onstage was an ear-splitting Sugar show at the Electric Ballroom back in 1994. Sugar was touring in support of their second and final studio LP File Under: Easy Listening. My ears were ringing for days after that show and I was a wuss, I was all the way in the back of the venue! I knew back then that I had witnessed true greatness and one time seeing Mould was more than I could ever hope for. (more…)

I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want We Were Promised Jetpacks and Tokyo Police Club to play my birthday party

Tokyo Police Club 6-18-2016 at Crescent Ballroom
We Were Promised Jetpacks 6-18-2016 at Crescent Ballroom
So the funny thing is both these bands actually just played a show at the Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, June 18th, so the title of the post is kind of correct I guess.😉 I have liked both bands for quite a while now. The first time I heard We Were Promised Jetpacks was December 2009 and their debut album was so intense it still made my Best Albums of 2009 list. I saw them for the first time just a few months later at the Rhythm Room and the EP they had just released and were selling at the show made my Best Albums of 2010 list. They hit the trifecta in 2011 with their second full-length album, a disc that was my #2 pick for Best Albums of 2011. Yeah, I kind of dig this band. The June 18th show was the second time seeing them at the Crescent and third time overall. They were mind-blowing as always; if you have never seen them play be bummed, they absolutely shred live. (more…)