Happy Boxing Day! And yes, that means more Elbow.

Photo credit: Paul Husband

Photo credit: Paul Husband

Today is the fourth time on December 26 since 2010 I have posted Elbow‘s stunning track “Lippy Kids” from their fifth album build a rocket boys! The greatest band in the world released the track on Boxing Day that year as a little present and teaser for their fans since the album was set to be released in March 2011. I loved the track then, love it even more now. Boxing Day is not celebrated in the United States but since some people at work that I am currently in charge of live in Sydney, Australia, where it is celebrated, it has a bit more meaning for me this year.

Oh hell, let’s be honest … for this guy “Lippy Kids” is all I ever think about on Boxing Day. 🙂 Enjoy “Lippy Kids” from Elbow! And more important, get set for their seventh album Little Fictions due for a February 3, 2017 release! Oh 2017 is set to be a great year! (well in some respects …)

If you want some information on Boxing Day in old Musings posts on this date I actually explained it a bit. 🙂
build a rocket boys! – The fifth album from Elbow is on the way!
It’s Boxing Day
On the Day After Christmas Elbow Reminds Us It’s Boxing Day




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