I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want The National to play my birthday party

the-national-3Love The National. Love, love, love their music, check out this past N is for The National Musings from 1/20/2015. I have no shame calling myself a “Johnny Come Lately” in terms of the band since it was not until album #5 that I became a fan, even though The Bob included a couple of songs from their third album on one of the many compilations he made for me.

I was really bummed … well pissed when they passed Phoenix by a few years ago on their 2013 tour for the Trouble Will Find Me album. I came up with all kinds of reasons but to be honest, it is only because they were so good live the one time I saw them that losing out on another opportunity just sucked. That was at The Marquee, I could only imagine seeing them at a venue like Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado or the First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Anytime I write one of these posts the most fun part is creating the playlist. The National has a lot of amazing songs in their catalog, particularly from the last three albums. I think the band really hit their stride on 2007’s Boxer and just keep evolving and getting better on every album since. They have a massive sound, pretty incredible when you consider just how delicate a lot of their material is. To me that is one sign of a truly great band. It will be interesting to hear the new album once it is released since vocalist and lyricist Matt Berninger has stated that there will be electronic influences on the disc. Hmm …

For now let’s focus on what they have already created, makes for a killer 25 song set if I picked:


By the way, that live version of “About Today” is ridiculous, sooooooooooooo good! Cheers!


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