It’s Boxing Day

Elbow - "Lippy Kids" at Blueprint Studios
I will be “frank” with all of you. I actually had to look up the significance of Boxing Day since the United States does not celebrate the holiday. It is the day after Christmas when servants and tradesmen receive gifts from their employers, a Christmas box. It is also a bank holiday for several other parts of the world and for Australia, Britain and Canada it is a shopping “holiday” like Black Friday is in the U.S.

I still think of Boxing Day as the day back in 2010 when the greatest band in the world Elbow released “Lippy Kids” just days after announcing its fifth album Build a Rocket Boys would be released March 2011. Love that album, dearly love this song and this is a great, simple video free of the BS you see in many videos nowadays.

I figure if I just ended the 15 Days of Christmas Tfronky Style we may as well celebrate Boxing Day on this site Elbow style. Which is might grand. Enjoy.



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