Concerts and other events of note for the month of April in Arizona

Bob Mould set list - Neumos in Seattle, October 2009Hello everybody!

Yep, it is time for another event update, especially since there are a few very important dates to mark down on your calendar. April 16th is huge folks, and some of you may know two other key dates as well. 😉 Here we go!

Yucca Tap Room 4-2-2011April 2 – Pinky Tuscadero’s White Knuckle Assfuck and Dirty HairyYucca Tap Room. Get over the name you PC types. PTWKAF have not played in a while. This little reunion show is the CD release party for The Apology. Fans of The Father Figures will notice the bass player for that great band will be performing this evening since PTWKAF is one of the many bands Tom has played in over the years. My old buddy from the Desert View days Shelton Valentine sings for Dirty Hairy, so completely stoked to see them open this show. Six bands and no cover, you cannot beat this folks!

April 2 – Pat BenatarCelebrity Theatre. Great voice, classic rock and roll, Benatar does rock. If you need something a little more tame than the PTWKAF and Dirty Hairy show, this is a good pick.

Chris Cannella of Autumn's EndApril 6 – Autumn’s EndThe Clubhouse. St. Vitus and Crowbar are also on this bill and I am sure many of the Valley’s metal heads are stoked to see the legendary St. Vitus. You know me, if a friend is in a band and they are good I prefer to hype them instead, and Autumn’s End are the real deal. Brutal, in your face metal without compromise and Cannella kills on the axe!

April 9 – British Sea Power – The Clubhouse. BSP is one of those interesting bands that I just have not quite figured out yet. They have quite a few unbelievable tunes such as “No Lucifer” off the band’s third album Do You Like Rock Music?, then a number of tracks that make you scratch your head. However, my understanding is they put on a pretty good show, so looking forward to seeing them.

April 9 – Exene Cervenka, Kevin Seconds and Flathead – Yucca Tap Room. The only drawback to seeing the British Sea Power show is missing two punk legends performing at the same concert, Exene from one of my all-time favorite bands X and Kevin Seconds from straight-edge legends 7 Seconds. Add in one of the Valley’s best bands Flathead and you have one heck of a killer bill! Exene and Kevin Seconds both play a style of music vastly different from the legendary bands each performed in, but lose nothing in terms of delivering powerful, inspiring music.

build a rocket boys arrives April 12!DON’T MISS THIS NEXT DATE FOLKS!
April 12 – Build a Rocket Boys! from the greatest band in the world, ELBOW, finally gets the physical release here in the States on this day! If you are impatient (like me) you already have the digital download you could get in March, but sorry folks. This fan HAS to have a physical copy of well. Go get it, this is an incredible album and is my front-runner for 2011 Album of the Year. That is an objective opinion folks, the disc is that good and the scary part is it continues to grow on me.

Arcade Fire at Comerica Theatre 4-13-2011April 13 – Arcade FireComerica Theatre. I still am not entirely sold on Arcade Fire but I figure I must not get it yet since they have a pretty solid, loyal fan base. Maybe someday …

April 13 – WarpaintClub Congress (Tucson). There may be a road trip to Tucson in April. It all depends on whether I have a project I am working on done by my personal goal of April 10 instead of the April 15 due date. We’ll see. Warpaint is an all-female quartet that delivers a delicious, melodic, mid-tempo style of indie pop. Beautiful vocals, shimmery guitars and hooks galore … I really like this band. They will not be in Phoenix, this show is two days before they play at Coachella and I love Club Congress. I did a review of their October 2010 album release Fool if you want to read that.

The Black Keys at Mesa Amphitheatre 4-14-2011April 14 – The Black Keys, Stone Foxes and Cage the ElephantMesa Amphitheatre. The political and religious conservatives in Mesa must be too focused on immigration issues because there are some great shows coming to Mesa Amphitheatre this concert season. The best venue in town hosts this sold-out show, hope you have your tickets already folks.

April 15 – Jeff DahlHollywood Alley. Jeff Dahl is a legend of the punk scene going all the way back to the seventies. Fans of that genre should remember him from his days in Vox Pop and most notably The Angry Samoans. This will be a great show people!

April 16 – Record Store DayStinkweeds, ZIA Records and many other local indie record stores. A made-up holiday that is legitimate folks! The independent record stores help keep music alive and out of the hands of the evil corporate guys that don’t care about the artists. Check out the official Record Store Day website for more information, including a list of the killer releases that will be a part of this occasion. I’ll be at Stinkweeds checking out Barsuk recording artist Menomena at 1:00pm that day!

April 17 – Mill’s EndThe Lost Leaf. This is the kind of venue I could see Mill’s End putting on a great show at due to the intimate vibe and cool set-up. Get there early and grab a good seat, Mill’s End brand of Americana is a joy to listen to!

Coldcave at Phoenix Inner City Youth Center 4-17-2011April 17 – Cold Cave – Phoenix Inner City Youth Center. If you prefer music that is much darker with an eerie synthpop feel to it, check out Cold Cave on this evening. I think fans of Interpol will dig these guys, which is ironic since that band is playing in Tucson at Club Congress the same night.

April 18 – Subhumans, MDC and The Grim – The Clubhouse. I thought I was back in high school when I originally saw this old-school punk rock line-up. I think this may be one of those cases when remembering what these bands were like back in the day will suffice, rather than go see them 25 years later. The Subhumans and The Grim were not faves of mine, but I really liked the Millions of Dead Cops album and Multi-Death Corporations EP from MDC. Just a bit too political for me though …

April 19 – The Joy FormidableRhythm Room. This is a KILLER band and I am completely psyched for this show! Check out the review of A Balloon Called Moaning that I did last year for Stinkweeds if you are not familiar with the group. They have a new album out and we are lucky to have them come to Phoenix. If you enjoy indie pop with a slight shoegaze edge to things, trust me, you will love this band! BONUS! The band will be playing at ZIA Records on 19th Avenue and Indian School that same day at 4pm, a free acoustic in-store!

April 19 – The PomegranatesHard Rock Cafe. I saw this great band at the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks back in 2008. They deliver a stellar style of indie pop with plenty of vocal harmonies and guitars that gently shimmer. The goal is to see these guys since they go on early and get over to the Rhythm Room for the Joy Formidable show. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it can happen.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2011April 30 – Day Two of the McDowell Mountain Music Festival – Compound Grill. This is the second year this festival has been scaled way down. I remember just two years ago (I think) the Flaming Lips and Spearhead headlined the event when it was at Westworld (again, I think). Never you mind folks, because with great bands like Kinch and What Laura Says playing Day Two it is sure to be a great time. Hats off to Kinch, they are in the midst of a heck of a year!

April 30 – The B-52’sWild Horse Pass Casino. Their last album Funplex was not bad at all, making this eighties icon still relevant. Their vast catalog of wonderful party tunes such as “Rock Lobster”, “Planet Claire” and “Private Idaho” make any B52’s show a great, fun time. I just wish they would play more Whammy! material when they perform now, “Legal Tender” is one of my favorite songs from the band.

That is a lot of shows folks! Remember that April 12 and April 16 are two key dates for the month. The Foo Fighters new album comes out the same day as Build a Rocket Boys from Elbow, what a great day!

As always, if I forgot something kindly let me know. Kindly. Otherwise I will laugh at you.



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