“Once I’m Dead” from Source Victoria

"Once I'm Dead" from Source Victoria

I felt like a serious jackass for having to miss the EP release party for “Once I’m Dead” this past Friday night. It sucks getting old and not recovering as fast as I used to from any ailments. Luckily, I was still able to get my hands on a copy of this single. Folks, you should too if you have any clue at all about good music. I am pretty jazzed about this teaser from Source Victoria as we wait for the upcoming full album release.

“Once I’m Dead” has been played live for some time now. I have enjoyed the opportunity to hear both the rocking and stripped down acoustic versions of the song, so I knew once the track received the proper studio treatment it would be a stellar release. We get three versions of this song when getting the EP.

Side A is the non-album full band rocking version that I have heard live a number of times now. This version smokes, pure indie rock that translates well to the stage. Great harmonies on the vocals, guitars that shimmer but in a manner different from the dreampop style the band is known for and thunderous drums. I really love the intro to this version with the mesh of the dual guitars and the piano. Fabulous track and I think it is pretty cool that Side A is a b-side for the song. Source found a different style with the track and this writer hopes it becomes a consistent characteristic. My favorite version of “Once I’m Dead”.

Side B is the album version featuring frontman Brendan Murphy on the vocals, acoustic strumming on the guitar from Rick Heins and some killer work on the pedal steel guitar from Jon Rauhouse, who has played with Neko Case for the uninitiated. This is a beautiful version of the song, stripped down and perfect coffee bar material.

Side C is Murphy solo delivering the track in demo form. Side A may be my favorite, but Side C may be the most important version of the song since we get to hear the track in its early creative stages.  The distinct vocal style of Murphy comes through best on this version. There is a GREAT interview with Brendan about the genesis of “Once I’m Dead” that you absolutely have to read. Great stuff and brings the meaning of the song into full focus.

Side A was produced and mixed by Jamie Wolford and Side B by Chris Testa. All of the versions were mixed by Jamal Ruhe, so Source Victoria has some serious talent helping them get the new album squared away.

As far as the upcoming album goes, So Much Silence probably has better information than anyone outside the band. Check out that blog for more details.

Great single guys! Folks, go to the Source Victoria Bandcamp page to purchase a download of the EP with all three versions of “Once I’m Dead”. Now. And no, not Band Camp where you have to stick a flute up your …



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