Source Victoria, Ladylike and Rescue Lights at the Yucca Tap Room Friday, July 22

Yucca Tap Room July 22 2011It has been a while since I posted anything Source Victoria related. It was not a result of apathy – well, maybe a little since I quit caring about the blog for two months. But that is on me folks, not this band. This five-piece from right here in the hot as French Valley of the Sun has a special show coming up Friday, July 20 at the Yucca Tap Room.

Let us talk logistics first. Yucca is a cool place to see a show and the cover for this show is a whopping – FREE! Therefore, any of you chumps that talk about not supporting local music because of how much it costs to go out just lost that excuse. However, do not spend that cash on more beer. I will tell you why here in a few paragraphs.

Yucca Tap Room 7-22-2011Opening for Source Victoria this evening will be Rescue Lights and Ladylike. It is always cool to show up early and support the openers folks, so if you have a chance please do so.

Source Victoria has been prepping a new album since last year. It has been a meticulous process for the band to get things just right for a solid release and they have played an occasional live show during the process. The band also gained a new member as many of their fans know in Rick Heins, a gentleman that also plays guitar for the Kings of Last Call. By the way, they are a great band, check them out when you get a chance.

The band is proud to release the single for “Once I’m Dead” on this evening! This is a tune they have been playing live for some time, ending a few of their sets with it. The song has a melodic pace and, at least in the opinion of this writer, is a bit of a departure from what I consider to be a “typical” Source Victoria song. Before you freak out, I like the change.

“Once I’m Dead” is more of a classic indie pop song than the normal epic dreampop that you hear from this band. The shimmery guitar style that is present on older Source gems such as “Until We Crack” is replaced by a three-guitar attack that flat out rocks live. It is a great tune my friends, I look forward to hearing a full-studio version of the track on this EP.

“Once I’m Dead” appears three times on this single, a non-album version, the album version and a demo version. I have a feeling the demo is Brendan Murphy performing a stripped down acoustic version of the track solo.

If you cannot make the show please go to the Source Victoria Facebook page for an opportunity to purchase a download of the single. If you do make it to the show, and I mean this sincerely folks, please do, you will receive a FREE download code for the single! Originally I was reading on the band’s FB page that the first 50 people at the show get the card, so get there early folks.

That means you can buy a download card for your partner or one of your buddies as well. I just checked online, it’s a measly $2.49 folks, less than the price of a grande skinny hazelnut latte. Which is a delicious drink.

It should be a great evening folks, seeya Friday. Cheers!


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