We have an album title – the new Source Victoria is on the way!

Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010Hey, I’m not MoLo, so get off of me about the crappy picture quality. I write, I don’t take pictures well. 🙂

Source Victoria posted a little video on the official Source Victoria Facebook page on September 1. Rather than spoil things by talking about it, here is the video:

Hooray! I have seen Source Victoria play a lot of shows since I first saw them January of 2010 and ever since frontman extraordinaire Brendan Murphy told me March of last year that the band was working on a new album I have been waiting. And waiting. Well my friends, this video shows us that the disc is on the way and will be entitled Slow Luck. I am seriously stoked.

The band has been playing quite a few of the songs live that will be on this album, including this writer’s personal favorite “Nobody Knows But Me” and their recently released single “Once I’m Dead”. There have been some great local records released this year, one for sure that will make my Top Ten for the Year. I will put money on the fact that Slow Luck makes the list as well.

I highly suggest you Follow Source Victoria on Twitter and check out So Much Silence for updates on an official release date. Those are probably your two best options besides knowing someone in the band. 😉 For now, PLEASE skip your daily latte and get the latest single from Source Victoria, three great versions of “Once I’m Dead”. Now. The blog post is over so get it done.




  1. marigold298 · September 4, 2011

    Thanks for posting this video – Hard Rock Phoenix; that is SOOO COOL!
    Do you have any more videos of the band? Or CD Bootlegs? Just wondering,

    • tfronky · September 4, 2011

      Thanks for commenting! This is the only video I have of the band. Look up Source Victoria on YouTube, they have a few more videos on there. The band has one self-titled EP and one full-length by the name of “The Fast Escape”, both great discs. I suggest you get them.

  2. marigold298 · September 4, 2011

    Great blog; happy to comment 🙂
    Yes, I will look into getting the CDs for sure! Hoping to pick up the new CD if they go on tour! (I hope they come to Toronto). Thanks again for the great video…New music is excellent! If you have any gossip about the band, please post. You know, band sightings, or bands Source Victoria are fans of, etc!

    – SELENA

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