Concerts for the month of January 2011

Hello everybody,

How about a New Year’s resolution to actually do this blog a little more? The Musings have been few and far between lately. Many reasons for that, but I do miss doing this blog. I hope to get back to a normal routine soon.

Anyway, enough whining. Let us start things off with a list of shows to begin 2011 with, especially since there are some amazing local ones on the horizon:

Rips 1-1-2011Saturday January 1 – Dirty Hairy – Rips. Another member of the “Sunnyslope Crew” and old Desert View buddy Shelton Valentine sings vocals for this new punk/metal band. I love supporting local bands and feel an even stronger sense to do so when a member is someone I have known from high school, or in Shelton’s case grade school! Chris Anderson on the axe is also part of that crew of Slopers that took to music when we were kids. Five bands for $5, what a great way to celebrate the first day of the New Year! Here is the line-up for the evening:
9pm – Unemployment Party
10pm – Dirty Hairy
11pm – 80*D
12pm – Family Secret
1am – Adam’s Evil

Teakwoods 1-7-2011Friday January 7 – Source Victoria and Lost in the SunTeakwoods. Source Victoria is headlining this show, their first of 2011. I expect some monumental things from this band in the New Year, one of the best in the Valley.

Thursday January 13 – Jump Back BrothersCompound Grill. It has been a while since I have seen this great blues, rockabilly and swing band. The guitarist for the Jump Back Brothers plays a mean axe and the lead singer is a dynamite frontman. A couple of Christmases ago was the first time I saw them when they opened for the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Plus, I love the Compound Grill!

Thursday and Friday, January 13 and 14 – Social DistortionMarquee Theatre. These are the rescheduled dates after the band had to cancel their November dates from this year. I think both shows are sold out, so you may have to go the broker route for tickets on this one.

Friday January 14 – Mill’s EndGoat Head Saloon. I finally had a chance to see these guys during First Friday late last year and enjoyed the heck out of their style of Americana. Mill’s End is one of those bands that do it the old-fashioned way; they work really hard. They play a lot of shows and are one of the featured bands that have created material in support of mass transit and Valley Metro. Check out the video for “Just One Pass”.

Saturday January 15 – Concrete BlondeCompound Grill. Are you serious? This band is back in the swing of things? Concrete Blonde was always one of those bands that I had immense respect for, but never was a huge fan. Johnette Napolitano has a wonderful, powerful voice, one of the finest that has graced the airwaves of alternative rock. Their self-titled debut and sophomore effort Free both have some amazing tracks, and their cover of “Everybody Knows” by Leonard Cohen for the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack is incredible.

River Jones MusicSunday January 16 – RJM and Friends Fest – Paisley Violin. Holy cow, only $8.00 for all these artists? Plus, the Paisley Violin is a VERY cool venue!

Saturday and Sunday, January 22 and 23 – Downtown Chamber SeriesThe Icehouse. I have heard on several occasions the Downtown Chamber Series is something I need to check out. There are five music programs each year that showcase a nice variety of chamber music. The Icehouse AZ weekend will feature flute, harp and voice, including works by Bach, Canteloube, Debussy and Salzedo.

Tuesday January 25 – Get Up KidsThe Clubhouse. The Bob from The Father Figures has tried on  numerous occasions to turn me on to these guys. I will admit, I really enjoy the music of the Get Up Kids. However, that whiny vocal delivery reminds me of all the elements of emo that I despise. Maybe seeing them live will convince me otherwise.

Rips 1-29-2011Saturday January 29 – The Father Figures – Rips. Speaking of The Father Figures … the wait is over my friends! Lesson Number One is set for release, and this concert at Rips Bar is the CD release party for the first disc from the band. Folks, I am lucky enough to have enjoyed a little sneak preview and this album SMOKES. These guys have progressed exponentially in the year and a half they have been around. A few of their older songs made their way onto the disc. If you were smart enough to have checked out The Father Figures MySpace page in the past year you would have heard three of them. One of the newer tracks, “Butterfly” is on their Facebook and MySpace pages. You need to check it out, and you need to be at Rips on the 29th. This disc would have made my Best Albums of 2010 picks that were included in the annual Stinkweeds publication. You can pick up for free at the store.

Well, there you have it! As always, if I missed a good show, please let me know. No, Wayne Newton does not qualify. 😉




  1. Dave Marsh · December 31, 2010

    Thanks for all the information, Frank. I am really looking forward to coming up from Tucson for the Father Figures’ CD release party on the 29th. BTW, it’s great to see your blog again. Excellent, as usual.

  2. John Enk · January 1, 2011

    I seldom ever think of you and the word routine in the same breath. You energy, love of music, and friendship are way beyond routine. So Happy New Year and keep on keeping on!
    the skipper

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