Autumn’s End Saturday the 20th at The Clubhouse!

The Clubhouse 11-20-2010Hello everybody,

Let me qualify first. I cannot honestly say that I am a big metal fan. Like most genres of music that fall outside my normal comfort zone there are a few bands I like. I think 3/4 of The Big Four is amazing. The other 25% shall remain nameless. I like Judas Priest, Stormtroopers of Death, Flotsam and Jetsam and Black Sabbath. There are others, plus a handful of songs from a smattering of bands.

The point is you will not see me post about a metal band very often, so when I do the artist means something to me. That’s why it is a pleasure to promote the Autumn’s End show tonight at The Clubhouse in Tempe.

Autumn’s End was formed back in 2002 by my old friend Chris Cannella. I had seen Chris play in a couple of bands before Autumn’s End, inclduing N17 and Mission66. Those were good bands. Autumn’s End is a great band, and contrary to what some people may think, that is an objective opinion.

There is nothing typical and generic about the style of metal Autumn’s End plays. That is why I like these guys. Autumn’s End can shred with the best of them and Chris can produce those screeching type vocals death metal bands are well-known for delivering. However, this band changes up the tempos often, producing an almost melodic style at times and Chris can actually sing.

The band had taken some time off, but in the past few months have played a number of shows around town, including a recent supporting spot on the Fear Farm concert headlined by The Deftones. I will finally be getting a chance to see them play and am pretty excited about things.

If you are planning on going to see the band play tonight and do not have a ticket yet, check out the Autumn’s End Facebook page. The band was selling tickets to the concert for only $15, less than what you will pay at the door.

It’s Cannella’s birthday bash, get out tonight and enjoy some killer metal courtesy of Autumn’s End. There is a good chance you will hear some soon-to-be-released material during tonight’s show.



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