Shutting The Musings down for who knows how long. A great way to end things because this time is all about Coach Metheny.

Yep, shutting it down. I am doing a terrible job maintaining this and for me, blogging isn’t about trying to find time to do it. The whole purpose of The Musings when I started this years ago was writing about my passion for music. That still exists but the passion to write about it doesn’t really exist anymore. Nowadays I have to schedule time and to me that takes away the fun. I love the new theme, my favorite one actually and already created playlists on my iTunes for XTC, Nada Surf and X, so the intention was to keep rolling. My heart just isn’t into it anymore. However, there is one last thing I want to put out there.

September 1983 I started high school at Sunnyslope High School in Phoenix, AZ. My freshman P.E. teacher was a gentleman by the name of Brian Metheny. Some of you will know the name and may have even met the man. Coach Metheny became my wrestling coach that year as well. That decision to try a sport that I had never competed in before became one of the best decisions of my life. I learned what true hard work is, what a will to win is, what personal accountability is and what having to rely on yourself in athletic competition is. Team sports were something I had participated in since grade school, this was a new ballgame.

I learned those things but the greatest gift of all was wrestling for that man. Coach was tough:

  • He refused to accept less than 100%.
  • He was never politically correct.
  • He had no problem calling me out in front of the team when I was failing a class junior year.
  • He got in my face when I gave less than my best or when I strayed from the path.
  • He pushed me harder than I ever thought imaginable.

However, more important:

  • He made me do it with a smile.
  • He never hammered on me, just motivated me to stick with things no matter how tough it got.
  • He made me believe in myself, both as an athlete and as a person.
  • He made me think I was okay, even when I did something that wasn’t.
  • He treated me as a person, rather than just another student and athlete on his team.

When I graduated in 1987 I figured that was it. Just the opposite actually:

  • I I got to coach with him for ten years right out of high school, then two more years once I left Cortez High School as the head coach in 2006.
  • He started to let me house sit for him when I was still only 18 years old. 30 years later I still do.
  • I had the pleasure of watching his kids when they were younger and today look at them as my younger brother and sister.
  • We get together often just to hang out but 100% of the time, at some point when we are together, he has words of wisdom for me.
  • He has NEVER lied to me and is always an open book with me.

Folks, Coach Metheny is one of my best friends, he is a second Father to me and has told others I am his son. That third point I have actually witnessed multiple times. I love the guy. I wrote another post about him entitled “I Am Not A Role Model” back on December 12, 2009, please read that one as well.

Saturday June 10 was his 70th birthday so I have known the man for 34 years and have considered him a true friend for 30. We may have had a volatile relationship when I was a kid because it took years for me to “get it”, understand why he said the things to me he does. Today I wouldn’t have it any other way. Friday the 9th we went out to dinner to celebrate and it amazes me all these years later every time we have a chance to meet it gets better and better. That was an amazing two hours and once again, I learned something.

Thanks Big Red, I couldn’t do this without you. Happy Birthday Coach!

Frankie G


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