I’m still pissed. I think I will be for a while about this.

I don’t understand terrorism in any way, shape or form.

I don’t understand how acts of terror deliver any type of legitimate message from the people committing them.

I sure as heck will never comprehend how an attack at a concert filled with people, KIDS, enjoying themselves, being entertained by the artist on stage accomplishes anything.

Where is the logic?

I LOVE going to concerts. I love escaping reality for a brief period of time, feeling the energy the artist onstage is creating, listening to the music that drew me to the band, becoming one with the crowd in attendance, sharing my feelings with people whom I attended the show with or if I go to a concert alone (which I REALLY enjoy) just taking it all in and being overcome with the joy of the moment.

Those fuckers that committed that act of cowardice on Monday, May 22nd piss me off. But I know that won’t stop the folks in Manchester. I know that won’t stop the folks in the rest of Europe. I know that won’t stop people worldwide from going to a show, attending a sporting event, going out to dinner with family and friends, etc., etc., etc.

For a few years between 2010 and Halloween 2014 I had the joy of occasionally guest DJing for Radio Phoenix, an internet radio station here in Phoenix. The majority of the time I would play songs specific to the artists that were going to be playing in town during the upcoming month but now and then there was an opportunity to just play whatever the hell I wanted. 🙂

March 9, 2012 a friend of mine and fellow Radio Phoenix DJ at the time asked me to guest DJ with him for his own show HotR (Henri on the Radio). This was my second time doing it, the first time I created a playlist of all Arizona bands. For this show I decided to feature the music of my favorite artists from Manchester, U.K. This city is on my bucket list because I want to know what is in the water that allows such amazing music to be created. I want to go for at least a week, visit as many clubs as possible, go to some shows, talk to the locals and have them share their stories of awesome shows they attended and who knows, maybe meet the lads from Elbow?! I had a blasty blast with this playlist that night.

Now I want to share it with all of you, my way of saying to the people of Manchester I am praying for all of you. Stay strong.



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