I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want Interpol to play my birthday party

Interpol - 2So the first time I saw Interpol live was down in Tucson exactly 12 years ago today. That was a ridiculous show, they were touring in support of their second album Antics. The band (even though I sure as heck couldn’t tell) goofed early while playing “Not Even Jail”, which just so happens to be my favorite song from the band. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Banks stopped, apologized to the crowd, then they started again. It was one of those one-off moments that makes the live concert such a special event and why I will ALWAYS have exponentially more respect for an artist that actually plays their instruments and actually sings during a show, rather than lip syncing or playing the air guitar. It was a very cool moment I will never forget as a fan of live music and as a fan of Interpol.

Two things I do when listening to a great band:

  1. I listen to their albums from start to finish.
  2. I pay attention to the lyrics.

You are cheating yourself if you DON’T listen to Interpol’s 2002 debut Turn On the Bright Lights or the amazing sophomore release Antics from beginning to end. When my friend Robert Lerma of The Father Figures brought a copy of the Turn On the Bright Lights CD into my store and played the first song “Untitled” for me I was mesmerized by the ghosts of both Ian Curtis and The Chameleons. Those haunting vocals of Paul Banks and the beautiful, shimmery guitars of Daniel Kessler were some of the best things I had heard in ages. 12 years later I still love the band and am excited for a new release that the band states will come in 2018.

Now this would be a killer show …


You get two videos from Interpol because the first is one I taped the second time I saw them live in 2011. Of course it was “Not Even Jail” which coincidentally was the finale of an amazing show but I SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK at filming so I want you to have a quality one as well. 🙂 BTW, going back to bullet #2, “I promise to commit no acts of violence, Neither physical or otherwise, If things come alive” and “The Subway, she is a porno, And the pavements they are a mess, I know you’ve supported me for a long time, Somehow I’m not impressed” are lyrics from the two songs posted here. Love those words!




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