I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want The Joy Formidable to play my birthday party

The Joy FormidableSo this is going to be a great Halloween weekend. First of all, Happy Birthday Miryam, see you at ThirdSpace later in the evening on October 29! I say later because to lead off the night I FINALLY get to see a fantastic band originally from North Wales and now based in London, England, The Joy Formidable. Rather than go into my typical thoughts about the band I would rather have you simply read this Musings from 4/3/2015, J is for The Joy Formidable. Everything is there especially some extra links that detail just how much I like this trio.

Back in 2011 I had a chance to see them at the Rhythm Room but I was on an early flight the next morning to Sea Bright, New Jersey, so I blew it off. Stupid of me. Not this time. The band’s latest album is called Hitch and once again, just like with their second full-length it took me some time to “get it.” They have evolved and although part of me still yearns for the style from the first EP and debut full-length, I respect and love when a band evolves rather than creating the same album over and over. They are opening for Kongos and it is an outdoor show at the Crescent Ballroom. The cool thing is since they open I will check them out, then head over to ThirdSpace to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. Now that is a great Halloween!

This was a fun playlist to make. 🙂




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