I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want New Order (with Peter Hook on bass) to play my birthday party

New Order
Curious choice here for me. On disc I absolutely love this band! A girl I was great friends with by the name of Cheryl and I worked together at My Yogurt Place in Christown Mall our senior year in high school. We had a mutual love of this band and went to see them at Compton Terrace back in 1987 with Echo and the Bunnymen and Gene Loves Jezebel opening. Yes, kind of bad ass line-up. 🙂

Problem is live they were, well, kind of dreadful actually. Echo stole the show. Live New Order just seemed to be a bit lifeless to me which is too bad because they have an incredible catalog of music. I think what is really awesome is the fact they grew as a band from album to album. Think back to 1981’s Movement, my favorite full-length album of theirs and the first post-Joy Division. Then they released the Factus 8 EP which I had on cassette. I think those five songs represent their best work and was a perfect bridge between the gloomy post-punk they originally played and the electronic based sound they would continue to develop on 1983’s Power, Corruption & Lies, 1985’s Low Life and 1986’s Brotherhood. The band had so many great singles as well that weren’t on albums such as “Ceremony”, “Blue Monday” (yes, originally that song was not on Power, Corruption & Lies) and “True Faith”. Great band and even though original bassist Peter Hook is no longer in the group they continue to create new music and tour. Give 2015’s Music Complete a shot, there is some great stuff on there!

When I created my dream concert I was surprised with the number of tracks from 1989’s Technique. And yes, four of the five songs from Factus 8 are included, be sure to pick up the deluxe reissue of Movement since that EP, plus two versions each of both “Ceremony” and “Temptation” are included on Disc Two. I chose the version of “Temptation” from the Substance compilation over the two versions on Movement. Yeah, I like this playlist. 🙂

New Order setlist part 1New Order setlist part 2




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