I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want Frightened Rabbit to play my birthday party

Brendan Murphy from Source Victoria and his brother Kevin who wrote a great blog (exponentially more interesting than this one called So Much Silence) got me into this band back in 2010 when Frightened Rabbit released their third album The Winter of Mixed Drinks. When I contributed to the Stinkweeds Records Best of 2012 book that album was my #6 pick. Three years later when Pedestrian Verse was released that album was my #1 pick. This band is amazing, tossing a flurry of hooks in the mix of indie pop and rock that at times reaches epic proportions. Their latest album Painting of a Panic Attack will more than likely end up on my year-end list somewhere once again, it is that good folks.

I made a point of going back and getting their older material and it smokes just as much. This is a great band and more important (at least to me) they translate that energy and pop aesthetic incredibly well onstage. I have only had the pleasure of seeing them once back in 2013 on the Pedestrian Verse tour. They are playing this coming Friday and needless to say I am a bit excited:

Silver Platter 5-20-2016

So if it was my birthday and I had hired them to play the birthday party here is what I would hope for. Trust me though, this band could play all covers (including “Surrender” from Cheap Trick) and I would be ecstatic.

Frightened Rabbit concert ticket

Frightened Rabbit setlist

And we will end the show with “Keep Yourself Warm” which any Frightened Rabbit fan would respond by saying “no shit Frank!” Cheers!


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