I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want the Reverend Horton Heat to play my birthday party …

Reverend Horton HeatThe Greek played me “I’m Mad” from the Smoke Em’ if You Got ‘Em album by the Reverend Horton Heat years ago in the parking lot of some restaurant (I’m thinking it was called Mae West?) we always used to go to in Tempe after a long night at the Sun Club or Long Wongs or Edcel’s Attic or who the hell knows. I was floored, the power of that song coupled with its heavy dose of rockabilly was just awesome. It was a few months later when I had a chance to see the trio play at The Jar in support of that debut album from 1990. Seeing them shred in such a small, intimate setting was truly amazing. The Sunnyslope Crew as usual was in full force and we were right up front so we could watch “The Reverend” Jim Heath hammer away on his axe, “Taz” Bentley pulverize the drums and Jimbo Wallace thump away on his stand-up bass. When The Reverend started to “preach” later that show and then Jimbo put his bass down on its side so The Reverend could stand on it during “Psychobilly Freakout” I was converted for life.

Today Scott Churilla is behind the drum kit but “The Reverend” Jim Heath and Jimbo Wallace are still a part of this killer trio. The Reverend IMHO is still one of the best guitarists around and all these years later they still put on a dynamite show. It was tough to pick out 25 songs but I think any fan of Reverend Horton Heat will agree with at least some of these picks. I don’t have all the stubs for all the times I saw them live but I know it is at least eight. They play here in Phoenix at least once if not twice a year so if you have not had a chance to see them live do so. You will feel the power of his sermon pulse through you, trust me.

Reverend setlistAnd then The Reverend will finish things off with “Psychobilly Freakout”. 🙂 Cheers!









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