So once again The Musings gets a facelift! Welcome to a new theme of “My Dream Concert”!

Echo and the BunnymenAugust 2015 was the last time I posted. That is also the time I started teaching classes at work so I consider it a valid excuse to quit doing this. I miss it though and my friend Duane in Minneapolis reminded me of this on Facebook a few months ago. Still, it took a post on FB from Kevin Murphy of So Much Silence fame to inspire me to start again. That post was about the Judgement Night soundtrack that was given a new treatment for Record Store Day 2016.

Helmet was one of the bands on that soundtrack and listening to the “Just Another Victim” track they did with House of Pain for that album reminded me how much I love that band. And of how AWESOME they were live.

Back in 2010 there was a Musings post by the name of “Is Elbow the Best band in the World Right Now?” I created a dream concert set based on this statement in that post; ” I joked with Bobby that if I ever had the money to pull a Jeff Spicoli and hire Elbow to play my birthday party, I would ask them to play this specific set list.” I saw Helmet four times over the years, another band that would fit the bill. So why not use this as the basis for a new Musings “musing”?

Enter my second favorite band of all-time, Echo and the Bunnymen. October 10th of this year will mark just the third time seeing this band live. Show #1 they opened for New Order at Compton Terrace and six months later I saw them headline a concert at Mesa Amphitheatre. Stupendous on both occasions!

So if I rescued Brooke Shields from drowning back in the 80s and hired Echo to play my birthday party here is the set list:
Echo dream setlist
And then finishing things off with “Do it Clean”! That was fun!



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