N is for N17

n17Tomorrow night April 11th is the night folks. N17 is going to be playing at Club Red and the fact long-time friend Chris Cannella, currently the frontman for local death metal band Autumn’s End, will be playing with the band on this evening makes this show intriguing as hell for me.

I was already a casual fan of November 17 when I first met Chris twenty years ago. N17 was a ferocious industrial metal band from right here in the Valley of the Sun and if you were around to see shows here back then they had a rabid following. The band was incredibly intense onstage and created a sound that in my opinion rivaled contemporaries of the industrial genre such as Ministry. Yeah I said it.

Club Red 4-11-2015N17 released two albums, 1997’s Trust No One and two years later their final album Defy Everything. Both records were ultra intense with explosive work on the guitars, thunderous percussion and sampling added in just the right places, rather than dominating the material. For me the fact that the guitars were so dominant rather than the programming being front and center was important. I always felt that took away from the relevance of other bands from the genre during the same time.

Both albums are very good. Overall the debut has the heavier staying power for me but my favorite song from the band is the lead track from Defy Everything entitled “Rust”. That song absolutely shreds. The best memories I have of November 17 from their live shows though has to be the track “Version 1.2” from Trust No One. The pit always went into hyperdrive when the band launched into this one, which was referred to as “Mosh Pit Football” if I remember correctly.

Album Inspiration: Trust No One


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