K is for The Killers

The KillersDuring the late nineties and early 2000’s there was a brief post punk and retro eighties revival that featured bands such as Interpol, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers. Interpol by far is my favorite of the bunch. The Killers undeniably have been the most successful. This foursome from Las Vegas adds a healthy dose of new wave to the mix to create a sound that is poppier than the aforementioned bands.

What impresses me is watching clips of their live performances in the U.K.. The Killers may be from the United States and have a solid fan base here but they possess a rabid core of fans overseas. All four of the albums they have released have charted in the Top Ten in the U.S.. All four topped the charts in the U.K.! The one time I saw this band live was Coachella 2009 when The Killers headlined Day Two. They put on a good show but I will be honest, after a day of Bob Mould, Band of Horses, Cloud Cult, TV on the Radio and The Fleet Foxes, plus what I witnessed on Day One, I was content to just sit on the lawn toward the back of Empire Polo Field, avoid the crowd and just watch what going on. If I would have done a better job of paying attention maybe I would have witnessed something reminiscent of the shows I have watched on Palladia from festivals they have headlined in the U.K.. Those concerts were unreal, the band did a phenomenal job getting the crowd excited, dancing and singing along to every song. As a fan you feed off that kind of energy from the crowd, the band definitely does as well.

The one album I have from The Killers is the 2004 debut Hot Fuss. For me personally the record does not blow me away but there are some really good moments on it. My favorite is easily “Somebody Told Me”.

Album Inspiration: Hot Fuss


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