G is for Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel

Funny, the iPod does not list the artists in alphabetical order by the last name when the music is from a solo artist, so when it came time to write about the letter P I decided to listen to Peter Gabriel. After I was done listening to 1994’s Secret World Live and started to write this post it hit me I really should wait. Therefore you are reading this post a few weeks after being written. Such is the life of someone with an English degree and being anal about proper use of the alphabet …

What can I say about this artist that has not already been said a million times before? Already a prominent figure in the world of prog rock due to lead vocal duties in Genesis Peter Gabriel took a big risk when he decided to venture out on his own in 1975 for a myriad of reasons. In retrospect that decision was huge for both the band and Peter Gabriel as each experienced a massive rise in popularity after the break-up. Gabriel has released nine studio albums and created music for four soundtracks as a solo artist. The soundtrack for the 1984 movie Birdy is awesome, containing several new tracks as well as using music from previous songs as the basis for others. “Birdy’s Flight” (which uses “Not One of Us”) and “The Heat” (which uses “The Rhythm of the Heat”) were particularly outstanding.

Peter Gabriel took the art form he had created while serving in Genesis next level in his solo work, creating some of the most amazing videos that we had a chance to see on MTV including “Shock the Monkey”, “Digging in the Dirt”, “Games Without Frontiers”, “Big Time” and of course the award-winning “Sledgehammer”. I always respected his music and was intrigued with seeing a live concert so when the chance came up to see him play in support of the Us album I jumped on it. EASILY one of the best concerts I have witnessed and I take pride in the fact I cannot even provide a number for how many shows I have been to over the years, well in the hundreds.

Secret World Live was a live two CD set that included several songs played on the tour. “Red Rain” was the only song included on the discs that was not played here in Phoenix but everything else was. I have fond memories of the opening song from the concert “Come Talk to Me”, “Steam”, “Digging in the Dirt” and “Don’t Give Up”. Normally I do not promote a live album as the perfect introduction if you are not familiar with an artist’s work but in this case I can.

“In Your Eyes” was the closer to the concert I saw and the closer on this double disc. More important to me it is my favorite song from Peter Gabriel, one of rock and roll’s all-time greatest love songs. Here is a clip from the Secret World tour.

Album Inspiration: Secret World Live


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