E is for Egg Hunt

Egg HuntI think one of the most important releases on the legendary Washington, D.C. independent label Dischord Records, one of my all-time music labels period, was the 1986 Egg Hunt single. Egg Hunt was created when Dischord founders Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, both formerly of Minor Threat were visiting England the spring of 1986. While there the two hooked up with John Loder of Southern Records and the three thought it would be a cool idea for Ian and Jeff to record some music together.

The duo recorded a total of four songs and two were used for the Egg Hunt 7″. “Me and You” was a song Jeff and Ian had been playing together in the Dischord House basement for years while “We All Fall Down” was a song Ian had originally written for his band after Minor Threat, Embrace. I would have loved to have heard Ian and the three former members of The Faith, Ivor Hanson, Michael Hampton and Chris Bald who collectively were Embrace perform “We All Fall Down” but since the band passed on it I am really happy Egg Hunt released it.

Later that summer the two tried to put together an actual Egg Hunt band with two of the former members of another Dischord band by the name of Gray Matter. The four played together but when the project never got off the ground Ian left. Considering the next band he was in was Fugazi I would have to say this was a stellar move. Jeff, the two ex-members of Gray Matter he was already playing with plus a third former Gray Matter member kept the project going as the band Three. Sadly, the Egg Hunt single was the last time Ian and Jeff recorded together. What a last contribution from the two Dischord founders!

If you have never heard “We All Fall Down” you are in for one heck of a treat folks. Check it out.

Album Inspiration: Egg Hunt single


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