D is for D.I.

DIThere are a lot of great punk scenes throughout the country, especially back in the late seventies and early eighties. The Orange County scene was always one of my favorites and D.I. is right there around the top of the list.

Whether D.I. stands for “Do It!”, “Direct Injoyment” or “Doggy Intercourse” (Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. II reference) the band has delivered quality melodic punk rock for a number of decades now. The band’s one consistent member throughout its history has been vocalist Casey Royer. Formerly a drummer for another stellar O.C. band The Adolescents, Casey and guitarist Rikk Agnew started D.I. in 1981 after both left Social Distortion. There have been a plethora of line-ups for D.I. over the years but one thing has remained consistent with the band – that signature melodic Orange County punk rock sound, especially on the guitar. Old school punks will recognize names such as Rikk and Alfie Agnew on guitar and Derek O’Brien on the drums but regardless of who has been on the guitar, bass and drums Casey Royer has been a consistent force behind the mic. He has always been one of my favorite punk rock vocalists with that snotty, distinguishable style he possesses. He has a tremendous sense of humor as a frontman, possessing a great knack for getting in the heads of members of the audience when D.I. plays. Trust me, I have seen the band live many times over the years and it is always a blast.

The 1983 debut EP D.I. and the first two albums from the band, 1985’s Ancient Artifacts and 1986’s Horse Bites Dog Cries are absolutely essential pieces of work for anyone into classic old school punk rock. D.I. made an appearance in the 1984 film Suburbia, check out this live clip of the band playing my favorite DI song “Richard Hung Himself”.

Album Inspiration: Ancient Artifacts


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