Round III – A is for Autumn’s End

Autumn's End
A couple of weekends ago I was at Club Red out in Mesa to check out a new band called The Beta Machine. Do yourself a favor and check them out, that was a great show! However, that band is not the reason for this post. There was a flyer hanging for a show at Club Red on April 11 with N17 headlining. HUH?!

I sent a text to my friend Chris Cannella, vocalist, guitarist and frontman for local death metal band Autumn’s End when I saw the flyer. When I met Chris 20 years ago he was the guitarist for that industrial metal band. He confirmed that yes, he will be playing that evening which as of this writing still floors me. I’m excited to see him perform with that band again.

After N17 splintered Chris was a member of Mission 66 before starting Autumn’s End. I really liked N17 and some of the work from Mission 66 but personally speaking I have always preferred the work from Autumn’s End. There is an honesty in the music that struck a chord with me. The music is absolutely ferocious to boot.

It has been a battle for Autumn’s End over the years and I encourage you to read the interview I did with Chris Cannella back on October 22, 2012 for some background. Trust me, he explains things much better than I ever could. I give the guy a lot of credit, dealing with adversity is never easy, it has to be crazy when it is in regards to your band. 2015 should be good though, the band has been hinting on its Twitter page that some exciting news is on the horizon.

I’m looking forward to some new AE material this year and more important a chance to see them live again. It has been too long. Most of you know that metal is not my primary choice of genres but what I have always liked about the music Autumn’s End and Chris creates is a stubborn refusal to be generic. When I asked Chris to describe the sound during the interview he replied “atmospheric death metal”. I like that tag because it allows room for plenty of acoustic work and a variety of tempos. Don’t get me wrong folks, the music shreds and there is plenty of ear-splitting work on the guitars so people that need for the music to annihilate the eardrums are going to be very happy. I guess for this listener as I get older even metal has to have a hook for me to listen for long. Nice job Mr. Cannella.

The band’s discography includes an EP from by the name of The Five Cycles of Discipline (2003), then the full-length albums Autumn’s End (2004), Act of Attrition (2006) and 2011’s The Siren’s Lament. I decided to go old school for this post and listened to The Five Cycles of Discipline and the full-length self-titled debut straight through.

I pulled two videos for your listening enjoyment. “Elusive” is the first track on Autumn’s End and “Arise from Slumber” is from The Siren’s Lament. Both shred. 🙂 This will tide me over until that N17 show a month from now and more important, until AE plays again.

Album(s) Inspiration: The Five Cycles of Discipline and Autumn’s End


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