Z is for Zulu Winter

Zulu WinterReally? I’m ending Round II of the alphabet version of The Musings and the Z band already broke up? Pisses me off because this band just formed in 2011.

Zulu Winter released its one album Language May of 2012. I loved it and included the disc in the Stinkweeds Best Albums book that I contributed to that year. The band really reminds me of another great band from England by the name of Foals. Here is the little blurb I wrote about the album:

Silver Age from Bob Mould narrowly edged out this album for my top pick of 2012. I love this 11 track album from London’s Zulu Winter, a band that just formed in 2011. It is very impressive that the band has been able to craft such a beautiful style of Britpop in such a short period of time. Language effectively transitions from mid-tempo dream pop to up-tempo British dance music during the course of the album, doing so without ever eliminating the pop hooks that make this such an enticing piece of work. Awesome, look forward to years of great music from this band!”

Trust me folks, I have been waiting for a new disc and just figured maybe the band was taking some extra time in order to avoid the dreaded “sophomore slump”. Not the case, Zulu Winter announced on its Facebook page June 2014 that they were splitting up. A mini-album entitled Stutter was released the next month. It floors me that this happened, Language was very well received in the U.K. and the U.S., plus the band played the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the U.K. and SXSW in Austin, Texas. I was anticipating big things from this band. 😦

Well, at least Zulu Winter left us with a great album. Let’s listen to “Silver Tongue” from Language now.

Album Inspiration: Language


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