Y is for Youth Group

Youth GroupI have not listened to this band in years so it was nice that the current Musings direction inspired me to bring up Youth Group on the iPod. Crazy thing with the timing of this post, the band had been on an extended hiatus since 2009 and just played a one-off reunion show at at the Newtown Social Club in Sydney, Australia January 15th.

I wish I could remember the first time I had the pleasure of hearing Youth Group and I will be honest, I am not sure if this is another of the many bands The Bob turned me on to. Youth Group was around from 1996-2009 and released four albums during that time frame. I first listened to the band after the release of their last disc, 2008’s The Night is Ours. I loved it, the music was reminiscent of what I love about Britpop and lead singer Toby Martin had a voice that reminded me of Tim Booth from James. The Night is Ours was rich in texture and possessed a myriad of pop hooks but the sound was just a bit too similar to bands like Death Cab for Cutie for me to completely jump on the bandwagon. Guess that explains why I haven’t pulled this album out in a while.

Casino Twilight Dogs was the album released prior to The Night is Ours in 2006. That record contained a cover of “Forever Young” from Alphaville which helped the album gain steam not just in the band’s native Australia but in the U.S. as well. The song was played on the television show “The O.C.” in the States and reached #1 in Australia. I have the band’s last two albums and really do need to pick up a copy of their sophomore effort Skeleton Jar. That disc was originally released in 2004 and released in the United States a year later by … Epitaph Records. Yep, the label led by Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion. I think it’s kind of cool that a label known for delivering punk rock from bands such as the aforementioned Bad Religion, SNFU and of course The Offspring would sign a band like Youth Group that sounds nothing like other bands on the label. It definitely helped expose the band to a wider audience here in the States.

Youth Group is worth checking out if you have not heard them before. “One for Another” is the second song on The Night is Ours, take a listen to it.

Album Inspiration: The Night is Ours


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