V is for Violent Femmes

Violent FemmesThe November 5, 2012 Musings post was about the Violent Femmes. They were my pick of the week and a bit of the post talked about my introduction to the band back in 1983.

I am not going to bore you by repeating all that. Please read that post again or if you never did click the link above and see what I had to say about the band back then. My opinions haven’t changed folks, both in regards to the band and how much I love that debut album. I enjoyed the fifth album from the Violent Femmes as well, Why Do Birds Sing? but to be honest not a fan of the rest of the band’s catalog. That fifth disc had a hit on modern radio by the name of “American Music” which was classic Femmes all the way and a new version of a killer old tune called “Girl Trouble”.

Violent Femmes is an essential album folks, floors me that the album is now 32 years old. I urge long-time fans to pick up the 20th anniversary edition that contains a bonus disc of nine demos plus the two singles “Ugly” and “Gimme the Car”. The post I included had a video for “Add it Up”, let’s go with my favorite song from the debut album “Kiss Off” for this post.

Album Inspiration: Violent Femmes


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