P is for The Promise Ring

I want to first put it out there that I am a non-fan of most bands from the second wave of emo. The first wave that included D.C. bands such as Rites of Spring, Fugazi and Embrace plus Sunny Day Real Estate from Seattle featured some spectacular music that still resonates in a positive manner today. I don’t like the term because in my opinion ALL music possesses some level of emotion. The fact there was a made-up genre kills me but such is life.

The Promise Ring was a band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that formed back in 1995. The Bob introduced me to this band with one of the many mix CDs he made. He included three songs from the band’s second full-length album Nothing Feels Good that was released in 1997. I loved what I heard back then and purchased the disc so I could have the entire album. Two years later The Promise Ring released Very Emergency and in 2002 they released their final album wood/water. The first three albums from the band were released on what many considered to be the unofficial “official” emo label Jade Tree before moving to ANTI Records for the fourth disc.

Many bands I have posted about since I started using the alphabet as a foundation for The Musings are bands I still enjoy today. To be honest when I played Nothing Feels Good I did not get the same feeling. There are some nice pop hooks on some of the tracks but a decade and a half later the album does not hold up as well as I hoped. There is a bit of a pop punk influence in many of the songs but too many of the characteristics I do not enjoy from that second wave of emo come through when listening to the album today. Don’t get me wrong, I still like this band in some respects, it is just not music today that will get a lot of time on the iPod. Hopefully some of you that read this disagree with me.

Here is a video for one of the songs from Nothing Feels Good, “Why Did We Ever Meet”. Enjoy.


Album Inspiration: Nothing Feels Good


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