L is for Lords of the New Church

Lords of the New ChurchI still have my dog eared copy of the self-titled debut album from Lords of the New Church. That album experienced a lot of mileage during my teens, both on my turntable at home as well as the numerous times I lent it to friends of mine in high school. Luckily school lockers were just big enough so I could maneuver the disc in mine without damaging the album and leaving the jacket fairly intact.

The Lords of the New Church were considered to be something of an alt rock supergroup when they formed back in 1982. The line-up featured Stiv Bators from The Dead Boys, Brian James from The Damned, Dave Tregunna from Sham 69 and Nick Turner from The Barracudas. The Damned and the Dead Boys were what originally drew me to this band and at first I was a bit surprised when I heard the album. The Lords of the New Church may have a bit of a punk rock influence to it, obvious due to the bands all four members came from, but the sound was more heavily goth rock than anything else. It did not take long though for me to grasp the concept of the album and fall 100% in love with it. The Lords of the New Church was released 37 years ago and STILL ranks as one of my all-time favorite debut albums and in my opinion one of the best albums of all-time period. “Open Your Eyes” is still a personal favorite song of mine and other tracks such as “New Church”, “Li’l Boys Play With Dolls”, “Holy War” and the riveting “Portobello” all helped create a stellar slab of vinyl.

Each of the next two years the band released another album with all three discs being on I.R.S. Records. The sound became a bit more slick with each susequent release but there were plenty of amazing moments along the way, “Dance With Me” and “Method to My Madness” in particular being two very memorable tracks. The band released once more EP entitled Psycho Sex in 1987 before the band disbanded in 1989. Stiv Bators died a year later after a car accident in Paris and founding members Brian James and Dave Tregunna reformed the band three years after that to record one more album entitled Hang On.

I recommend checking out the debut. The three I.R.S. albums have been out of print for years but all three were given the reissue treatment on Real Gone Music in 2013. Here is the video for “Open Your Eyes”, enjoy!


Album Inspriration: The Lords of the New Church



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