H is for The Heart Throbs

Heart ThrobsOh, what an amazing band this was! Another 120 Minutes find for me, The Heart Throbs were from Reading in the U.K. and created a beautiful style of Britpop. The band was led by Rose Carlotti and Rachel DeFreitas, both sisters of Pete DeFreitas, the deceased drummer of Echo and the Bunnymen. The Heart Throbs were around for just a short time from 1986-1993 and released three albums during that period. The 1990 debut Cleopatra Grip ranks as one of my all-time favorite debut albums and 1992’s Jubilee Twist was nearly as spectacular.

The first song I heard from The Heart Throbs was the single “Dreamtime” from Cleopatra Grip. I loved the sprawling guitar work and Carlotti’s vocal delivery was so sweet and sultry. One of many bands I feel never got the credit they deserved, they remain a favorite all these years later. Check out the song.



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