F is for Film School

Film SchoolSorry for the recent absence since I had actually become fairly diligent about posting, whatever bug is rolling around the Phoenix area kicked my ass for a month and although I am not 100% yet, I’m feeling much better than a week ago today. Yuck …

A  number of years ago The Bob gave me a mix CD to check out and one of the bands on that disc was Film School. If you know anything about my music taste at all you will know I LOVE shoegaze. Granted, that was a genre that really came into being back in the late eighties and early nineties due to an explosion of great bands out of the U.K. Unfortunately which is the case with many cool genres of music the media killed it with a vast amount of over-exposure so for a number of years it was very uncool for a band to have that “shoegaze” tag. To this day that makes no sense to me since I always considered music with guitars that brilliantly shimmered over a vast wall of sound to be uber brilliant. I never lost my love of the style so when that rare instance of a band being able to effectively replicate the sound comes along I pay attention.

Film School originally was formed in 1998 by lead singer Greg Bertens, aka Krayg Burton. However, it was not until five years later when the band’s debut EP Alwaysnever was released. The first time I heard the band was in 2006 after their debut self-titled full-length was released. The mix disc Bobby made me contained a song by the name of “On and On” that I absolutely fell in love with, still love the track to this day. That song inspired me to go buy the full album and I was mesmerized. This is how shoegaze is supposed to sound!

The next year the band released its sophomore effort Hideout, my personal favorite disc from the band. There were a number a line-up changes on that album and what I really liked was the introduction of a female vocal presence in Film School by the name of Lorelei (Plotczyk) Meetze. To top things off drummer Colm O’Ciosoig from My Bloody Valentine contributed to the album as well.

Film School would only release one more album, 2010’s Fission which for this listener was a bit of a disappointment. They played for the last time in February 2011 but the original line-up that recorded the debut album together just played a show together in San Francisco September 2014. Now, this was supposed to be a one-off occasion but I can be hopeful, right?

Check out my favorite song “Lectric” from the album Hideout. If you are a remote fan of shoegaze you are going to love the pulverizing work on the guitar.



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