D is for Dead Can Dance

Dead Can DanceDuring my early college years I was watching 120 Minutes one night and saw a video for a song by the name of “Muscoviet Mosquito” from Clan of Xymox. That track immediately became a favorite of mine so made the trek to Tower Records to grab a copy of anything from Xymox that had that song. After talking with a clerk there I found the 12″ single and an album the song was included on called Lonely is an Eyesore. Since the album was a compilation for a record label I had some knowledge of by the name of 4AD Records and I recognized one other band by the name of the Cocteau Twins I figured what the hell, I would give the album a shot. That turned out to be one of my all-time best moves.

The album featured a who’s who on the label’s roster at that time (1987), including Colourbox, This Mortal Coil, The Wolfgang Press, Throwing Muses, Dif Juz and Dead Can Dance. At this time the style of music on this album was not what I played on my turntable or cassette player at home. The music was very dark, very somber, even tranquil at times. Other than the Clan of Xymox song I had to play the album a few times before the style settled in with me. I soon found myself loving all but the Colourbox song, a track I still do not like to this day. I had discovered a brand new world of music and was very excited about it!

Dead Can Dance was the one artist that contributed two songs to the album and is the band that not only became my favorite from the album but more important for this listener, one of my all-time favorites period. The duo of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry has created some of the most exotic, unique and breathtaking World music in my opinion. I have written about DCD a number of times over the years, most notably twice in 2012 before going to see them live and once after I returned home from seeing them play in Denver.

I could have listened to any Dead Can Dance album as the inspiration for this post but to not listen to Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, my favorite DCD album and one of my all-time favorite albums period would have seemed inappropriate. The video for “Cantara” was the sixth track on that album but the version I will give you is the live rendering from Toward the Within, Dead Can Dance’s first official live album. This is stupendous my friends.


Album Inspiration: Within the Realm of a Dying Sun


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