The Bungalow Show on Halloween 2014

Radio Phoenix Halloween 2014 - photo by Ken Baker - 1This past Friday October 31 I had an opportunity to host The Bungalow Show on Radio Phoenix for the show’s entire three hours. There have been a couple of occasions in the past when I was guest DJing and playing music that I did two-hour spots. This was the first time I played music and ran the board on my own for multiple hours. It was a blast and the fact Radio Phoenix is celebrating six years on the air and I had the privilege of being a part of a 24 hour celebration commemorating the event made things even more special.

Normally when I host The Bungalow Show I DJ the First Friday of each month from 7:00-8:00 Arizona time. The format is I play music from artists that will be playing live in the Phoenix area during the next month. Well, for this special 6th anniversary edition I had an open format to work with, so I chose to play bands and solo artists that have a dramatic effect on me, both in terms of shaping my musical foundation and making me wish I could play an instrument.

If you missed the show there is a replay from 6:00-9:00am this coming Thursday November 6. Tune into, you can then click either the Tune In or Live 365 radio buttons to bring up the show. For now here is the playlist from that evening, along with a note or two about why I picked the band and song. Hope you enjoy the music. 🙂

  1. Elbow with “Newborn”
    My favorite song from the greatest band in the world. This is the first of six bands on this playlist that Bobby Lerma turned me on to and by far his most important band suggestion. The band’s 2008 concert at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver is one of the best concerts I have witnessed and the live version that evening of “Newborn” was epic in a way I cannot even describe in print.
  2. Echo and the Bunnymen with “The Killing Moon (All Night Long)”
    My favorite song from my #2 favorite band. I have seen Echo live twice, once as part of a bill at Compton Terrace with New Order and Gene Loves Jezebel, then a second show a few months later headlining at Mesa Amphitheatre. This band has in my opinion the greatest four album opening run in music history and were my favorite band until 2011 when Elbow released their fifth album.
  3. Santana with “Oye Como Va”
    This song is dedicated to my Mom, brother and Coach Preston. I HATED Santana growing up! My Dad always used to play them on our old reel-to-reel deck on Saturdays while he was doing work around the house, plus every camping trip. It was decades later when I finally realized how great this artist is. I had an opportunity to see Santana during his Las Vegas residency twice, once with Coach Coley and his wife Bette, once with Mr. P.
  4. Journey with “Only the Young”
    This song is dedicated to Coach Metheny. Don’t tell me not to include the random guilty pleasure on this playlist. “Only the Young” is from the Vision Quest soundtrack, so naturally as a wrestler and wrestling coach this song has special meaning. The song inspires me in the same manner Coach does.
  5. Stray Cats with “Runaway Boys”
    This song is dedicated to Lance Myers. The Stray Cats were my favorite band when I was in 8th grade. My first venture into writing about music came when I wrote a review of the band’s Built for Speed album for the school newspaper that year.
  6. The Ramones with “Teenage Lobotomy”
    The band that turned me on to punk rock, The Ramones may have the most profound effect on me of any band on this list. The simplicity of the music they created was equaled by the band’s ability to weave a pop hook within a three-chord punk rock riff. Their 1984 concert at the Palace West downtown (today the Orpheum Theatre) with Black Flag opening is still one of the most unbelievable concerts I ever saw.
  7. Agent Orange with “Bloodstains”
    My all-time favorite punk rock band really should not even be classified as such due to the surf informed style of rock and roll they deliver. This is the Voice is one of my favorite albums from any genre and the band’s debut Living in Darkness with “Bloodstains” is a punk classic.
  8. MIA with “Modern Way”
    My all-time favorite punk rock song. “Modern Way” is an intense piece of punk rock history and the band one of the best at combining thrash and melody into a potent mix. The opening riff to this song smokes.
  9. The Clash with “Capital Radio (live)”
    This song is dedicated to The Greek. Laki is a huge fan of The Clash and I have always respected the hell out of them. This is the first of three bands from the early British punk and post punk scene that unfortunately I never saw live.
  10. The Jam with “Pretty Green”
    If I had one choice for a band to reunite for one show so I could see them play it would be The Jam. This trio did it all, punk rock, power pop and soul. The songs crafted could only be delivered by a trio as talented as these guys. Sound Affects was the album that made me realize this was a godhead band.
  11. Gang of Four with “To Hell With Poverty”
    This song is dedicated to Wayne Barnes. A high school buddy by the name of Josh Lucci introduced me to the band in junior high and in my opinion no band has come close to the brutal style of post punk they delivered. Andy Gill is a genius on the guitar and Solid Gold is one of my all-time favorite sophomore album releases. Favorite albums period for that matter. “To Hell With Poverty” was on the Another Day/Another Dollar EP but you can also find it on the Solid Gold CD.
  12. Halloween Theme Song
    Had to have some spooky music for an interlude!
  13. Ron Pratt with “On a Clear Day”
    I wish I had a video of this to post. Ron Pratt was my best friend growing up and treated me like the son he never had. I miss him dearly, he passed away on May 24, 2005. Please take a chance to read this Musings post about Ron Pratt, I would appreciate it.
  14. Etta James with “At Last!”
    This song is dedicated to that special person in your life … and mine as well. 🙂 I am a sucker for a great love song, I have no problem admitting that. When the vocal delivery is this dynamic the song goes next level. Etta James had an amazing voice.
  15. Bob Marley and the Wailers with “No Woman No Cry (live)”
    This song is dedicated to Coach Coley. I had two unbelievable wrestling coaches in my life, song #4 on this list was dedicated to the other. Coach Coley is a huge Marley fan and although reggae has never have been a critical genre for me to listen to, I have to admit I can listen to anything from Bob Marley at anytime. Reggae played a big part in getting me into ska music as well. I still remember listening to Legend from Bob Marley and the Wailers when some of my high school classmates and I would go night fishing at El Caro. I think there were some adult beverages there as well.
  16. Modern English with “I Melt With You”
    Greatest song ever. Still. 32 years later.
  17. R.E.M. with “Feeling Gravity’s Pull”
    The band that inspired me to listen to something other than punk rock or new wave. The impact R.E.M. had on alternative rock really can’t be measured. The band’s IRS catalog is essential, I lost interest once they signed to Warner Brothers. The band played a great show at Gammage Auditorium on the Document tour and at Mesa Amphitheater on the tour for Life’s Rich Pageant, but the 1985 show at Palace West on the Fables of the Reconstruction tour was beyond incredible.
  18. U2 with “New Year’s Day”
    Sunnyslope High School’s house band, at least when I was going there. I have seen U2 seven times over the years, more than any other band and this was just through the Achtung Baby album. That last show sucked but the other six were outstanding. I can still remember going to Tower Records during lunch hour my senior year to buy The Joshua Tree the day it came out.
  19. The Plimsouls with “A Million Miles Away”
    This song is dedicated to my cousin Jamie Soto. He has requested that I play this song on the radio a few times and since they are one of my favorite power pop bands I was happy to oblige on this evening. Lance and I bought the Everywhere at Once cassette at Licorice Pizza when we were in San Diego the summer of 1985.
  20. The Chameleons with “Second Skin”
    Beautiful, classic Britpop, one of many reasons Manchester, UK is on my bucket list to visit someday. That dual guitar attack was incredible and Mark Burgess on the bass and vocals is one of my favorite frontmen.
  21. Clan of Xymox with “Muscoviet Mosquito”
    When I think of 4AD I immediately think of the next two bands. My introduction to Xymox was seeing this video on MTV’s 120 Minutes. That show introduced me to a lot of great music and once I heard this song I was at Tower Records the next day buying the Lonely is an Eyesore 4AD compilation on vinyl. I still have that record today.
  22. Dead Can Dance with “In the Wake of Adversity”
    Xymox inspired me to buy Lonely is an Eyesore. Dead Can Dance was the band that ended up becoming one of my top ten all-time favorite artists. The band started out creating goth music then added Gregorian chant, orchestral arrangements and World music to its repertoire. “Breathtaking” is the perfect adjective.
  23. Glenn Danzig with “Overture of the Rebel Angels”
    The second Halloween interlude of the show. I refuse to provide a link for this guy.
  24. Sugar with “The Act We Act”
    This song is dedicated to Duane Sollie. I idolize Bob Mould and feel that the work created by his second band Sugar was his best. I have seen Mould in concert twice in Minneapolis, both times with Duane and his friends out there and both concerts were awesome. The second at the First Avenue the Bob Mould Band played Copper Blue in its entirety. My ears are still ringing.
  25. Slayer with “Raining Blood”
    This song is dedicated to my main metal bud Chris Cannella of Autumn’s End. In my opinion Slayer is the ultimate in thrash metal, brutal and uncompromising in every respect. I was legitimately frightened when I saw them play at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum back in 1991 (?) for the Clash of the Titans tour. The SECOND mosh pit that broke out during “War Ensemble” was a sight to see.
  26. Helmet with “Milquetoast”
    I don’t know if Helmet is metal, or punk, or rock roll. I do know they are intense, awesome and can play the hell out of their instruments. I saw them four times that I remember with the show at the Electric Ballroom when they ended the set with the first four songs from Meantime a personal favorite. Or was that show at Club Rio?
  27. A Place to Bury Strangers with “I Lost You”
    Easily the loudest and most intense band I have ever seen, the set I saw at Red Rocks during the 2008 Monolith Festival was my introduction to the fury they possess. I was in awe after that set, saw them again a few months later at Coachella 2009,  October 2009 in Seattle then two mind-blowing shows here in town at the Rhythm Room. This is the only band I will wear earplugs for when watching live, a bit necessary shall we say. Vocalist/guitarist Oliver Ackermann is a great guy and founded an effects pedal company by the name of Death by Audio, the perfect way to describe the music of APTBS.
  28. Swervedriver with “Duel”
    No band delivered a B-side better than Swervedriver and more important, the band’s A-sides were even better. I am a big fan of a lot of shoegaze music and for my money Swervedriver was the best band from that genre. Why? Not only did the band deliver a stellar take on shoegaze but took the limitations of that genre to stunning new heights. The band broke up for years but my understanding is they are working on new material for release in 2015. There is a God …
  29. Mighty Lemon Drops with “Out of Hand”
    This song is dedicated to my sister Terry. We saw this band play a lot of shows together over the years. “Out of Hand” was my introduction to the Mighty Lemon Drops, another discovery as a result of watching 120 Minutes. I loved the band’s energy, they delivered such an engaging style of guitar driven Britpop.
  30. Catherine Wheel with “Show Me Mary”
    The last five songs are dedicated to Bobby Lerma, the other five bands from this playlist he turned me on to over the years. He used to burn CD compilations for me, giving me ideas about new bands to check out. Now, when it comes to music I will admit when I’m wrong. When Chrome by Catherine Wheel was released I was a huge NON-FAN. Yep, I admit it. The Bob kept hammering on me to like these guys and I refused. When I received a gift certificate to Best Buy I thought I would give them a full shot just to appease him. First listen I thought “not bad”. Second listen I thought “this is pretty good.” The third listen I lost it, then kicked myself for not getting it right away.
  31. Juno with “Venus on 9th St”
    I feel Juno was the most epic and possibly the most overlooked band in history. It is tragic how short the band’s life span was but even with only releasing two full-length albums they rank in my top ten bands of all-time. Easily. This is finely crafted indie rock with a post-punk edge to it. The band could deliver the most dynamic three-minute ball of fury one moment, then the very next song a ten minute piece so tranquil you would think someone had changed the record to something prog rock in nature.
  32. Hey Mercedes with “The Frowning of a Lifetime”
    This band truly makes me wish I could play! This track was the lead song on Everynight Fireworks and is one of the most explosive lead songs I have ever heard. Every song from this band is packed with power and every track is loaded with pop hooks to boot.
  33. Band of Horses with “The Funeral”
    Watching the band perform this song at the 2008 Monolith Festival was breathtaking. Like “Newborn” from Elbow I was close to tears watching “The Funeral” performed live and the song remains one of the most epic pieces of music. I was disappointed with the last Band of Horses album but the debut Everything All the Time sounds as fresh today as it did when I first picked it up.
  34. Mobius Band with “The Loving Sounds of Static”
    Long story here but it is necessary folks. Noam Schatz, the drummer for Mobius Band may be the coolest guy in a band I have ever met. Back in 2008 I traveled to Denver for a weekend of music and baseball. That Friday night was the Elbow concert I talked about earlier. Saturday afternoon I went to a Colorado Rockies game for the first time. That night I went to a venue by the name of the Larimer Lounge to see Mobius Band play. I caught a few songs of their set at the 2007 Monolith Festival and wanted more. By this time I had both albums of theirs, The Loving Sounds of Static and Heaven. Well, I showed up at the club and saw a sign saying the show was sold out. I was pissed at myself for not buying a ticket before I left Phoenix and was telling this story to a guy that was hanging outside the club. Lo and behold, that individual was the drummer and he got me in the show. Buying the band drinks and buying an EP they were selling will never make up for what he did that night, what an amazing gesture. I loved the band anyway, that night just made Mobius Band truly next level.

Damn that was fun! Many thanks to Radio Phoenix for giving me this opportunity and to those of you that listened or have listened in the past, a big thanks to all of you. We’ll do it again soon!




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