Z is for the Zany Guys

Zany Guys bandWell folks, we have arrived at the letter Z and I timed it perfectly. Tonight and tomorrow October 24th and 25th the Zany Guys will be performing at ThirdSpace in downtown Phoenix. Now there is going to be some people that will be saying “who the hell are the Zany Guys?”

I pity you if that is the case but then again, these guys have not been around for close to 30 years. If you are old enough to have witnessed the punk rock scene of the late seventies and early eighties here in Arizona than this is a band you are well aware of and like me, are dying to see them play again.

Punk rock was incredibly diverse in the Valley of the Sun back in the day. That tag fit a multitude of great bands and a record label in town by the name of Placebo Records captured much of the work from those artists. The Zany Guys were on the second Placebo compilation This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks that was released in 1984. Featuring cover art that showed Mighty Sphincter live at the legendary Mad Gardens, Zany Guys led off side two with three live songs played at the Whiskers West, “Zany Theme”, “No Way Dude” and “Toast”. The band also released a killer four song EP entitled Party Hits Vol. II on the same label.

The band may have been a part of Phoenix’s punk rock scene but what allowed them to stand out was the fact they were pure fun, both on vinyl but especially live. They were a part of a lot of great bills that we had a chance to see back in the day. I am beyond stoked for the opportunity to see them again.

Saturday night’s show featuring Grant and the Geezers, the Zany Guys, the Father Figures and Maricopa County Prison Band is sold out but luckily the Zany Guys added a show at the same venue for tonight. The Smoke Bombs will be opening this show. Doors open at 7:00pm so you still have plenty of time to get down to ThirdSpace.

For the uninitiated here is a track from Party Hits Vol. II called “Hardcore”. You will figure out quickly why I’m saying this band is fun as hell.


Album Inspiration: This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks

ThirdSpace 10-25-2014



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