W is for We Were Promised Jetpacks

We Were Promised JetpacksI made a comment in the last post that word of mouth is a great way to discover great music. The internet is a great tool but more often if a friend of mine tells me to check out a band and I respect that person’s taste in music that is a better go-to for me. One resource that I will always respect is Stinkweeds Records. Whether I am speaking with Kimber, Lindsay or Dario, if I am told to check out an artist I will do so.

Therefore, when I was in the store December 2009 and asked Lindsay what was out that I had not listened to yet and should she suggested two FatCat Records bands, The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks. I grabbed the second album from Twilight Sad Forget the Night Ahead and the debut from WWPJ These Four Walls. Even though I barely had those discs in my possession the last month of the year both made my list for Best Albums of 2009.

Two months later WWPJ played at the Rhythm Room February 23 of 2010. As much as I loved this band on record when I saw them live I nearly s___ myself. The power and overwhelming energy blew me away and ever since that show the band has been one of my favorites. Period. They were selling a new 5 song EP that night by the name of The Last Place You’ll Look which ended up being my #3 pick for Best Albums of 2010, released a second full length entitled In the Pit of the Stomach in 2011 which was #2 on my list for Best Albums of 2011, and released a live disc entitled E Rey: Live in Philadelphia earlier this year which I can already tell you will make my 2014 list.

Oh yeah. We Were Promised Jetpacks just released their third album Unravelling a week ago today on October 14. I am willing to bet once I have that disc in my possession the band will solidify two albums in this year’s Best Of. That is ridiculous – and awesome. The band has everything you could possibly want: power; intensity; killer vocals; brutal rhythm section; a barrage of ferocious guitars. More important, they have what I always consider to be the most telling characteristic; a plethora of pop hooks.

WWPJ returns to the Crescent Ballroom on November 9, the same venue when I saw the band for the second time in 2011.

I will be honest, I listened to all three albums and the EP when writing this post. I planned to focus on the second album but then I wanted to hear the EP because of the different sound the band delivered. After that I had to listen to the live disc and was going to write about that one but then I thought to myself, “How do I not focus on the debut?” So rather than pick one I treated myself to four discs and 39 songs of bliss. 🙂

However, you only get one video and that was a no-brainer. “Quiet Little Voices” was originally “only” my 5th or 6th favorite song on the band’s debut album. When I heard the live version of this song on E Rey: Live in Philadelphia my mind was completely blown. This live version is not from that album but trust me, you’ll get it.


Album(s) Inspiration: These Four Walls; The Last Place You’ll Look; In the Pit of the Stomach; E Rey: Live in Philadelphia


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