L is for Limbeck

These guys are a hell of a lot of fun live and more important, they created some pretty killer music over the years. I have very fond memories of the first Limbeck show that I saw back in 2010 at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown. The band played and played and played, with frontman Robb MacLean even stating at one point toward the end of the night, “We don’t know anything else!” before playing more. The crowd was into it and the band fed off that energy. It was an awesome show and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Every now and then I want simple rock and roll with that indie edge to it. Limbeck delivers the goods and the fact they throw in a healthy dose of Americana makes what they create all the more interesting. The band’s self-titled fourth album that was released in 2007 for me personally was the best representation of how Limbeck meshed all of those styles together into one neat package.

I still think these guys would have been the perfect addition to the Tempe jangle rock scene from the late eighties-early nineties. I am just glad I had an opportunity to see them and if another one-off show happens here in town I’m there. 🙂

Check out this clip for “Let Me Come Home” from Limbeck. By the way, I happen to think Justin Entsminger is a true stud on the bass. That is an objective comment folks, some of you may know why I am making a point of saying that.


Album Inspiration: Limbeck


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