J is for The Jam

The Jam
It sucks that there is no doubt in my mind that a reunion of The Jam is never going to take place. One of my all-time favorite bands, The Jam hung it up back in December 1982 after releasing six brilliant studio albums. The band was massive in the U.K., with four of the six albums charting in the Top Ten and the last album, The Gift, reaching #1. Nine singles that were released made the Top Ten and four of those tracks topped the U.K. charts. True to form The Jam did not enjoy that kind of success in the U.S. which is a major tragedy.

Check out the early work from The Jam and the punk influence was obvious. This trio went so far beyond the limitations of that genre by incorporating elements of soul and R&B, making the band a true front-runner of the Mod revival that was occurring during that time period. To this listener The Jam are quite simply one of the best pop bands I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, the music possesses that awesome of a sound and that many pure pop hooks. The trio of Paul Weller on lead vocals and guitar, Bruce Foxton on bass and backing vocals and Rick Buckler on the drums was fantastic in every respect. All three STILL make relevant contributions to music today and in my opinion Bruce Foxton is one of rock music’s all-time best bassists.

I had to break out Sound Affects when writing this post, an album that made my Top 40 Albums at 40 post from four years ago. That album was released back in 1980 and it is amazing that 34 years later I actually like it exponentially more than when I first got it on cassette.

SO JAZZED that this video is still online! Three of my favorite Jam songs in one clip, a KILLER live performance. “Going Underground” was originally released as a single in 1980, “Pretty Green” is from Sound Affects and “The Eton Rifles” is from Setting Sons. There are many bands that are active today that should study this clip for a lesson in how to shred onstage. Enjoy!


Album Inspiration: Sound Affects



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