H is for Hotels

Back in October 2009 I visited Seattle for the first time. That was an amazing week, saw Bob Mould, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Jealous Sound and A Place to Bury Strangers live in a five day span at three different venues, watched the Arizona Cardinals light up the Seattle Seahawks (how I wish Kurt Warner could play forever!) and drank tons of coffee. I also found this killer record store by the name of Easy Street Records in the Queen Anne neighborhood. Sadly when I was back in Seattle this past May that store was gone but the store on California Avenue is still alive and well.

While shopping at Easy Street I came across a listening station that featured local music. One of the bands I listened to was a band by the name of Hotels and the name of the album I listened to was Where Hearts Go Broke.

The band had a cool sound, a mix of shoegaze, new wave, surf and dream pop. While the band did not create anything I would say was absolutely original, I was intrigued by the sound, particularly the interplay of the work on the bass and the keyboards. The vocals had a slight echo effect to them and in some ways brought to mind the style of Ian Curtis from Joy Division. I dug it and bought the disc.

The fact I am up to the letter H on this current theme inspired me to play this album for the first time in a few years. I forgot how much I liked it! The band is still alive and well, having released Cinemascope III December 2013. Check out one of the tracks from Where Hearts Go Broke, “Cafe Martinique”.


Album Inspiration: Where Hearts Go Broke


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