F is for Father Figures

The Father Figures 2013
So here’s the deal folks. This coming Friday August 8 The Father Figures will be playing at the Crescent Ballroom to celebrate the release of their third CD Steps and Processes. I am fortunate enough to have already had the opportunity to listen to it, including playing two songs from it on Radio Phoenix during the August 1 airing of The Bungalow Show, “A Confession” and “Genetically Modified Song”. The new disc is awesome, a must for your record collection and the fact you will get a copy included with your cover for the show is a smokin’ deal!

There have been many Musings about this band since I started this blog, including an interview I conducted with the band in 2011. I am thinking I have only written more posts about Elbow. The reason is simple; this trio’s style of surf informed post-punk continues to floor me as the band continues to evolve. The Father Figures are anything but a generic band folks.

I think the best way for me to show my love for this band is to provide you with a one-stop Father Figures Musings list. Here are links to past Musings about the band, a cool little trip down memory lane:

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The Father Figures will be bringing it at The Rogue Saturday, February 6. Do it. – then a review of that show
The Father Figures, live at the George and Dragon, April 24. Sucks to be you if you did not go.
Here it is, the review of the Father Figures CD release show from January 29, 2011!
100 essential punk rock albums …well, at least Tfronky thinks so
Remember when there used to be show reviews on this blog? Yeah, I don’t either …
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Tfronky’s contribution to the annual Stinkweeds Best Of book
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Best songs of 2011
The Tfronky Pick of the Week – The Father Figures
As promised … the Tfronky review of “All About Everything” from The Father Figures
Best albums of 2013

Yep, that is a lot of posts. 🙂 But what we really need right now is some actual music. How about a full show from January 2014?

Cheers! I will see you Friday, August 8 for the CD release show of Steps and Processes!

Album Inspiration: Steps and Processes


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