D is for Deftones

DeftonesYears ago when the first two Deftones albums came out I was a total non-fan. I still am not a fan of the whole “nu-metal” scene that came about in the nineties, a little too generic for my taste. However, my opinion of the band changed dramatically in 2000 when the band’s third album White Pony was released. That album still featured the band’s signature alt metal sound but the incorporation of other musical elements such as dream pop, trip hop and yes, even a bit of new wave floored me. I was hooked.

The Deftones may not be one of those bands I immediately think of as a favorite but when I am in the mood for something that melodically slashes away at my senses this is a band I can depend on to do just that. The power from the Deftones is at times overwhelming but what impresses me from the third album on is just how melodic the band can be as well. There are definitive pop hooks immersed in the music which stuns me when you consider just how intense this band is.

It stinks that the band lost original bassist Chi Cheng in 2013, who became comatose following a 2008 car accident. The last album recorded with him in the band was the band’s fifth, Saturday Night Wrist released in 2006. Another great album and another unique creation in terms of the diversity from track to track. I have to admit though, for a guy that does not embarrass easy “Pink Cellphone” makes me blush every time.

Check out the “Change (In the House of Flies)” video from White Pony. Enjoy.


Album Inspiration: Saturday Night Wrist



  1. JP · July 29, 2014

    They are the best band of EVER!! Great Musing Frank!!

  2. JP · July 29, 2014

    Great Musing Frank! Love it!!!

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