C is for CAKE

CAKEThere was a time many years ago that I could not stand this band. I’ll admit it. Then 2007 rolled around and I traveled to Morrison, Colorado with my sister to check out the inaugural Monolith Festival. The two day festival was the first of its kind to be held at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre and my primary objectives were to see Editors on Friday evening and the Flaming Lips headline Saturday night, my first chance to see either band in concert. CAKE was headlining Friday night which did not excite me at all.

Originally we considered heading out early to avoid traffic but we figured what the heck, we had VIP seats and it had already been an awesome day, so why not relax a bit and watch a bit of CAKE? Well, much to my surprise, their set turned out to be one of the highlights of the weekend for me as the band delivered an amazing set! The one song I was actually familiar with was “The Distance” which is the reason why I was not originally a fan of the band. There were a couple of songs I recall hearing on the radio but the song that hooked me was “Sheep go to Heaven”. What a great song but more important what an amazing song live! Frontman John McCrea did a stellar job leading the crowd through a sing-a-long of the chorus of “Sheep go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell”, making it a great crowd participation experience.

Once I got home from that trip I went out and purchased Prolonging the Magic, the third album from CAKE that was released in 1998. Great album, several outstanding tracks including “Never There” and “Satan is my Motor” and most important for me, “Sheep go to Heaven”. As time passed I picked up the rest of the catalog from the band and I think it is ironic that Fashion Nugget is my favorite, the album with “The Distance”. And yes, I like the song today. 😉

Check out a live rendition of “Sheep go to Heaven”, the same tour when I saw CAKE live at the Marquee Theatre in 2010. Enjoy.


Album Inspiration : Prolonging the Magic



One comment

  1. jprobichaud · July 25, 2014

    These guys have been a guilty pleasure for me since their cover of that Gloria Gaynor track back in 1996. That trumpet solo is mint.

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