B is for the Bad Brains

Bad BrainsHa! If you read the Monday post I am sure you figured that was a bunch of malarkey that I would try to consistently post again. I figured as well. 😉 But lo and behold, two days later here we are with another post, which means today will be a band of the letter B. Time for some old school (proper definition=relevant) punk rock.

A few days ago on Facebook I posted a trivia question about Ric Ocasek’s greatest accomplishment. Most people that commented either stated The Cars or his wife. Both make sense. The people with the comment of “Hairspray” should be ashamed of themselves. However, the drummer for The Father Figures Robert Lerma was the one individual that provided the comment I was looking for; producer for Rock for Light, the legendary 1983 album from the Bad Brains.

The Bad Brains originated out of the Washington, D.C. area in 1977 before a move to New York two years later. The band’s debut self-titled 1982 release was originally issued on cassette only for a killer label from back in the day called ROIR (Reach Out International Recordings). Many of the songs from that tape were re-recorded for Rock for Light, an album that is widely regarded by many from the punk community as a crowning achievement of the genre.

The Bad Brains were a true anomaly, four black guys in the late seventies that not only could play lightning fast hardcore punk but some of the smoothest reggae as well. 30+ years later I can still play the ROIR album and Rock for Light and still be blown away. My favorite track from the band is “I Against I”, a song originally recorded back in 1980 and then re-recorded for the 1986 album of the same name. The 1980 version was later released in 1997 on the five-track Omega Sessions EP. Check out this video of the 1986 version. Smokin’.


Album inspiration : Rock for Light


One comment

  1. jeff kritzstein · July 23, 2014

    one of the best bands ………………EVER! never get tired of listening to all of their records.

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