Let’s try a new blogging theme – music by the alphabet starting with A for ABC!

ABCHello everyone,

Remember me? My name is Frank and I used to do this blog called The Musings of Frank Gallardo. No excuses because they are old hat by this time. All I will say is I am going to try to get it together and get consistent again.

Music once again for a central theme. The inspiration this time comes from two sources; losing all my music on iTunes and Dario from Stinkweeds Records in Phoenix, AZ. I had over 27,000 songs on iTunes and was only around 200 songs away from having every single song listened to at least once and ranked, a project a few years in the making. Yeah I know, pathetically OCD. To this day I have no idea how I lost everything, all I know is one day I turned on my computer and iTunes did not have a single song in it. Like an idiot I figured when I synched my iPod it would restore everything. Wrong – now I had both an iPod and iTunes with ZERO music.

I did add all the music back since it is all on my hard drive but the idea of ranking all those songs again was not very appealing. Then I remembered something Dario wrote either for one of the year-end Stinkweeds books or on Facebook, how listening to an album from start to finish has become a lost art due to the shuffle function. It hit me that when I listen to an album the first time I do that but moving forward I tend to just listen to music via shuffle. Screw that this time.

I have made a point of reverting back to my old practice of focusing on albums rather than just songs. The experience is so much better and fulfilling this way! A great example would be OK Computer from Radiohead. That is an album you really have to listen to all the way through to really get the message being expressed by the band. Other than “Paranoid Android” there is not a song on that album I make a point of listening to on its own merit, but collectively those tracks create one incredibly brilliant album.

Therefore, the new theme for this blog when a post is music related is the band. What better way to do this than alphabetically? It gives me a chance to be as random as possible and make it obvious how wide my musical spectrum really is. We will start with the letter A and an old new wave band from Sheffield, England that began creating music back in 1980. Yes, I am talking about ABC. The band’s 1982 debut The Lexicon of Love is still a favorite and “The Look of Love” is still my favorite song from the band. The video is typical 80’s cheese, which we all know is synonymous for “awesome”. Enjoy.



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