More new Elbow! Check out the video for New York Morning.

Elbow - "Charge" Beer
Hello everybody! My anticipation for the new album from the greatest band in world, Manchester, U.K.’s Elbow only heightens with each passing week. Today is Wednesday, February 5th, which means the release date of March 10th for The Take Off and Landing of Everything is a mere 33 days from today. The first song we had the pleasure of hearing online was “Fly Boy Blue/Lunette“, a stupendous track that for this listener revisits the Asleep in the Back era from this foursome.

January 27th Elbow released a video for the first official single from the album, “New York Morning”. Lead vocalist and primary lyricist Guy Garvey spent a great deal of time in New York back in 2012 while working on the musical for King Kong. During an interview with Q Magazine Garvey admitted that he is “having an intense love affair with Brooklyn” but would have a hard time living in Manhattan due to the need for “the option of a cozy pub and a quiet chat.”

The cozy pub in this case happens to be in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where Guy Garvey wrote “New York Morning”. If the rest of The Take Off and Landing of Everything is as good as the first two songs Elbow fans had the opportunity to hear prior to the official album release then we are in for one heck of a sixth album from the band. The video is wonderful, chronicling the lives of a married couple in New York with the common bond of the New York music scene. Considering the fact I am a long, long-time Ramones fan I love this video. You will see why.

SO JAZZED for this album! Cheers!

Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything


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