New Elbow! Check out “Fly Boy Blue / Lunette”

Hello everybody,

I have been hoping for something awesome this week. Lo and behold I check my email this morning and there it is, an email from the greatest band in the world Elbow with the first track from its upcoming album The Takeoff and Landing of Everything. The name of the song is “Fly Boy Blue / Lunette” and I am ultra excited after hearing this, obvious since there was immediate Musings inspiration.

The band had stated this the sixth studio album is going to be “experimental” and that “We’ve been going very left-field with things. We are trying out new things”. I agree after hearing “Fly Boy Blue / Lunette” a few times. The song in my opinion could very easily fit on the band’s 2011 debut “Asleep in the Back” and has a sound similar to the lead track from that album “Any Day Now”. “Similar” mind you, not a direct replication which is an outstanding characteristic of this band. Elbow is so damn good at what they do that they can utilize elements of previous tracks and make them sound completely fresh in new setting years later.

“Fly Boy Blue / Lunette” features a neat guitar and bass hook throughout the song and of course Guy Garvey’s vocal delivery is impeccable. The midpoint of the track at the 3:15 mark is a gorgeous transition, a momentary change of tempo before the segue into the second half. The vocals are delivered in a unique manner during the first half of the song then settle into the more traditional Garvey delicate crooning Elbow fans have come to expect and love. The most compelling characteristic for me is the use of horns on the track and adds an interesting element to the Elbow sound.

What an introduction to the new album! The Takeoff and Landing of Everything has a March 10, 2014 release date and I have searched for a different date in terms of a U.S. release. I have not found anything different yet so for now let’s assume we can have this disc in our hands on that exact date. I’m stoked and I hope you are as well after checking out this new song.


Elbow - The Takeoff and Landing of Everything


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